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The team event starts


Dear readers and El presidente

The day started with me waking up to laughter from the pool at 630 am. What the?

I looked out and saw the following:

The coach and the boys in the pool at 630 am.

The boys in the pool

It has been an interesting start to the day. Kim and I raised several concerns regarding the condition of the courts. The lines do not meet the guidelines as the lines are broken at numerous places. Attempts to get the organisers to change the lines were to no avail.

We also had some concerns about the overhanging basketball hoops on the sides of 2 courts. It was not a good start to the morning.

The lines and the hoops that were not to regulations

The day started with a training session in the morning before the opening ceremony.

The girls in giggling mode

Xiang daring the Vics

The opening ceremony was very low key.

The team lining up for the opening ceremony

I also had some words of exchange with the tournament photographer who took 5 mins to take the photo of all the teams. It was like, get everyone bunched up together, then snap and thank you. I recall when we went to Tasmania, the tournament photographer took at least 40 mins to get the right shot of all the contestants.

This is how the teams were framed by a photographer who is supposed to be a professional

He wanted to direct where my team sits for the photo but I did not want to have any of that. He finally relented after I stood my grounds to his quip that he was running the show.

Just another concern as to how the show is being conducted compared to BAWA's method of  operation. It makes us so appreciative of BAWA's committee and volunteers. Go Judy , the BAWA board, the volunteers and supporters.

We brought everyone back for lunch which was freshly baked quiche made by Tonia. The kids love it and so did I.

Heer enjoying his lunch

We made sure we returned to the court early to warm up properly for the match.

The Vic team looks formidable.

The players had their first tournament team hug and cheer. All the practice paid off as their cheer resounded through the whole hall and caught everyone's attention.

The WA and Vic intro

The first match team huddle

The game is about to start. I hope I can do my work as a blogger and manager.

The first game is between Tyzton and Xiang v Schueler and David Kang.  Olivia and Alex are playing Joy Lai and Lily Rigg.

This should be interesting. Kim and I have had numerous discussions late into the night deciding on the strategy for the team placement. Opinions have shifted numerous times until this afternoon when the final player's list was given to the organisers.

Ernest Yam is playing Tyzton in the singles while Xiang is playing David Kang.

Teresa Chan will play Alex while Joy Lai will play Olivia. I have been psyching Olivia up for her match.

Schueler and Teresa will face off Xiang and Olivia while Lily and Ernest will play Tyzton and Alex.

Tyz and Xiang seem evenly matched against Vic. WA gets to 11 first.

WA girls are trailing Vic girls. They need to attack Lily more. They go down on the first set. 

The boys are up 16/11.  They are now 12/17. Vic gets another point and Tyz smashes one in return. They are now at 20/13.  They lose 2 points before Vic hits out for 21/15 to WA.

WA is up 5/4 on the 2nd set.  They are now at 7 all. WA gets to 11 first again.
We are at 14/9.  The boys win convincingly at 21/10.

The girls are fighting back and going for a 3rd set.They are down 11/5 and have to fight back.
They are climbing back. They are climbing at 11/15. They go down fighting at 21/15.

Xiang is next to play. Alex is playing the Vic 3rd girl.

Xiang wins the first set after some dodgy lining by the Vic linesboy. I went over to ask him to line properly and was subsequently warned by the referee? He said I was influencing the linesman.

Alex is leading in her game. Alex wins the first set but loses the 2nd set.

Xiang wins his 2nd set at 21/12.

Alex loses the 3rd set at 12/21 after trying hard. She is upset and understandably so.

Tyz is at 10/10. Vic gets to 11 first. Vic continues to lead until Tyz gets control of the game.

Tyz wins the first set 21/18. He wins the 2nd set at 21/14.

Olivia is struggling against Joy but she is fighting for every point for the team. She gets 17 points on the first set and 18 points on the 2nd. She nearly made it a 3 setter. She should be proud as she is catching up on Joy every time they meet.

At the moment we are drawn on games but are ahead on sets as far as I can tell. The mixed doubles are going to be crucial.

Tyz and Alex are starting their mixed doubles.  They are leading at 17/12. Vic gets 2 pts. in a row.  They then hit a high serve which Tyz smashes. They get to 19/15.  They get to match point after Vic serves to the net.  They win the first set after Vic hits out.

The 2nd set is closer at 15/15. It is now 16 all and Vic just got another point. This is close at 17/18 to Vic.  WA is at 18/20.  Vic gets the 2nd set.

Tyz and Alex need to dig deep to get the 3rd.

We are leading 7/2. We are at 9/5. Hang on guys cos we need to win this match. We get to 11/6 first. My heart is pounding. One point at a time guys. We finally win the game.

Xiang and Olivia are going for a 3 setter too after losing the first set.

I think on my calculation we have won Vic. This is probably the first time we have won Vic. must be the quiche lunch.Tonia says she is available for any other state teams.

Olivia and Xiang have to win this game to get confident for their next game against NSW 2.

They lose the first set 20/22.

We get to 11 first.

On the 3rd set they are now at 14/14.

We are now at 18/17. Vic gets 2 points in a row and now lead at 20/18. Xiang gets  2 points to get
deuce.WA  gets 2 points to win Vic convincingly.

I have recently  been informed by Himanshu , BAWA's CEO that this is the first time in 15 years that WA beat Vic in an opening match or even possibly in any team events.

Good work Kim and Jazton, the asst coach.

The winning huddle

After the game , we were back at the wall as per Nick Kidd's instructions to captain of the team.

Wall time for recovery

Word got round to WA very quickly of the victory and emails were flying all over.


Dear All,

The Under 15 team creates history and surprising everybody today at Caloundra during the Val Nesbitt Trophy 2012.

For the first time in over 15 years, WA team has gotten the better of Vic No 1 team in the first tie of the team event.


15-21 10-21

21-12 19-21 21-15

15-21 12-21

13-21 21-10 21-12

18-21 14-21

21-17 21-18

22-20 18-21 20-22

16-21 21-18 11-21

Congrats to the Coach, Manager and Players of the team.

Kind Regards

Himanshu Thacker
Executive Officer

Badminton Association of Western Australia


Fantastic whow  first time DEFEATING the Vics for a long time what a great game in your last mixed with Xiang and Olivia...
 Keep up the good play

Congrats to you all......well done WA

Kay Terry

Excellent team well done


Kelly Hoare



What a great match!
This is an excellent result-- congratulations to everyone-- including Heer and Sophie, who I am sure were cheering their friends every step of the way.

Sometimes the hard thing to do is to be just as fired up for the next match...  No match is going to be easy- and the hype has to be kept going.

Keep talking and supporting each other-- thinking clearly and staying calm.

Don't let the courts/lines/hoops etc become a distraction--  these things disadvantage everyone-- concentrate on what is important.

I am sending good vibes across to Queensland...


congratulations!!! Well done to the whole team!!

Enjoy the win and good luck with the next matches.

Dear Himanshu,

Thank you for sharing with me this wonderful new! 

As I scrolled down the lists saw all the familiar names of our WA wonder kids and the outstanding results they produced, my heart was full with great joy and tears just kept rolling down!  I don't know how Raymond can do without tears this time!  Haha! You are there! I bet you cried every match! 

Judging from the score it looked like Tyzton and Xiang were having easy games while Olivia and Alex were having tough fights. I am very proud of the two girls as Alex lost in 3 sets while Olivia took 17 and 18 points from Joy Lai! These was their victories already considering how much training our kids have compared to the Victorian or Eastern States as a whole!  Very close fight for mixed doubles 1, Xiang and Olivia, must be overwhelming for all who watched!  Strangely Joy Lai only played 2 games. Is she injured again? 

Please convey to our WA wonder kids that Aunty Touk Reei is very proud of them and like to remind them the words I shared with them in last year's under 15 tournament: that they can do well because they have the spirit of a roaring lion full with might and power! They also have a unite heart too so they will succeed! 

All the best to WA team! Keep up the good works! 

Best regards,

Touk Reei   (Amos Yi's mum, another mad badminton parent supporter)

After dinner we went for a walk and Alex found her shop.

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