Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Making history in the 3rd day of the team event

Dear readers and El Presidente BAWA

The kids woke up early for breakfast as we have a 930 am start to play Vic 2.

There was a team briefing last night after dinner. Everyone knows exactly what has to be done to achieve history.

The team briefing

We try and keep the players relaxed and well fed. Tonia has been doing a great job with Annie in feeding the team.

The very close knit team

This has been one of the most cohesive and focused team that I have seen. Lets wish them good luck when the game starts.

WA boys have won the first set and the girls have also won their first set.

The score is now 6/3 for the WA boys after Vic serves to the net. We are now at 8/3. Now at 9/4.

Vic has caught up and we are only leading at 10/9. We get to 11 again.

WA leads at 13/9.  Leading at 15/11.  VCic is creeping up at 14/16. Vic gets back a point after a long rally. They are now 16 all.   The Vic umpire calls a service fault on Vic.  We are now at 19/17 after a good rally.  We get to match point at 20/18 and Tyzton kills it with a jump smash.

The girls won both sets at 21/11.

On the other side, NSW 1 won the boys doubles in 2 sets and Vic 1 won the girls doubles in 3 sets.

Xiang gets to 11/3 in the first set against Pranav Rao. Xiang is leading at 15/3. He is moving Rao around. He gets to 17/3 before Rao gets a point. Xiang gets to match point at 20/4. His smash is hit out by Rao at 21/5. Tis is really a chess game for the coach and manager. Rao lost to Justin Lee of NSW1 21/16 and 21/14. This is a convincing first set for Xiang.

He gets to 11/4 on the 2nd set and then 16/6.  Xiang gets to 19/9 and then loses 5 points in a row before finishing the game.

Alex is having a tougher time and is trailing at 6/9. She is down 7/11.
Alex loses the first set.  She is now leading at the 2nd set. She gets to 11 first. The score is now 14/10 in WA's favour. Alex is losing her lead to 17/15 and needs to keep strong. She gets to 18/15. Vic gets to 17/18 and then draws.  They are drawn at 19 all. Alex gets to game point and hits the shuttle high. Vic comes in for the kill and hits it out. Whew. That was close. Now she has a 3rd set.
Alex is leading and gets to 11/8.  She finishes the game at 21/13. What a strong spirit.

Tyz gets to 5/3 against Calvin Ching. Tyz gets to 9/4 with a good smash. Tyz gets to 11/5.

Tyz gets to 20/ 5 and then loses 5 points in a row before finishing.

He gets to 7/3. Tyz gets to 11/7 after Ching hits out. Tyz gets to 13/9 and then quickly despatches Vic at 21/11.

Olivia is playing Clara Chen. Clara gets to 11/9. The game is close.  She finally gets the lead at 16/15. Vic draws with a good smash.  Olivia gets a good cross drop to take the lead again. Vic gets the lead again at 18/17. Olivia draws with a good smash.  They are drawn at 19 all.  Olivia gets to game point and Vic draws for a deuce.

They are at 21 all.  Olivia gets to 22/11. Olivia finally gets to 23/11. What courage. She was trailing most of the way. She has the heart of a true champion.

She is leading 14/8 after I went to buy coffee. She seems more settled in this set. She gets to 17/8.
We get to matchpoint and 9.  She loses 2 points in a row and then another and another. Oh dear, Olivia, finish the game please. Vic has caught up to 14 and then 15 before Olivia finishes and wins.

Tyz is playing with Sophie as Alex has a tummy ache. We are up 6/2. We are up at 9/4. We get to 11/5. We are now at 17/12. Tyz does a classic jump smash for a point. Vic get to 16/18.  They get to 20 all. We get 21/20. The score is now 23/23 and we get the point lead again. We finally win the first set.

Sophie and Tyz lost the 2nd set but came back fighting to win the 3rd set. By that time my battery had died.

Olivia and Heer also had 3 setters but lost the final set.

Yes, WA has made history yet again.  We are going for gold.

Everyone is back now for recovery and lunch before we return for the finals and our pursuit of gold.

Western Australia (WA) - Victoria Dragons (Vic Dragons): 7-1

Time:Thu 10/4/2012 9:30 AM
Draw:Val Nesbitt Trophy - Positions 1-4
Match overview
OrderEventWestern Australia (WA)-Victoria Dragons (Vic Dragons)ScorePoints

Tyzton Tan
Ying Xiang Lin
Calvin Hua-Ching
Pranav Rao
21-13 21-181-0

Olivia Fianita
Alexandra Phan
Clara Chen
Samantha Lee
21-11 21-111-0

Ying Xiang Lin
Pranav Rao
21-5 21-131-0

Alexandra Phan
Samantha Lee
12-21 21-19 21-131-0

Tyzton Tan
Calvin Hua-Ching
21-10 21-111-0

Olivia Fianita
Clara Chen
23-21 21-151-0

Tyzton Tan
Sophie Leonard
Elijah Dale
Brooke Castleman
25-23 18-21 21-181-0

Heer Gudka
Olivia Fianita
Calvin Hua-Ching
Clara Chen
18-21 21-19 12-210-1


Western Australia01007-115-4381-304
Victoria Dragons00011-74-15304-381

Comments from readers and supporters

Hi Raymond,
Eduard Bitao commented on your status.
Eduard wrote: "Wuhooo!!!! got a good feeling they'll win :=)"

Good luck for this afternoon team
Have fun and play well, you guys are all champions no matter what happens


Kelly Hoare

Hi Raymond,
Steve Farano commented on your status.
Steve wrote: "Good luck Wa team "

Well done.
Best wishes for the gold medal match against NSW.
Thomas Goh

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