Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WA gets back safely

Dear readers

The team has landed safely back in Perth.

Have a listen to the video thanks from the team.

Looks like this is the end of the blog for 2015. Till next year.


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Monday, September 28, 2015

The final day of the individual events

Dear Readers

The kids played hard and made WA proud. Milain carried the flag for WA.

He was in the boys semi but lost to Ryan Venpin in the semis in 2 sets.

Milain then went to win the boys doubles with Marcus Kong against Venpin and Ross Audley.

We were hoping he could also win the Mixed doubles with Vic He. However, he ran out of steam losing to Marcus Kong and Nalini.

Romy and Jasmine managed to win the mixed doubles plate. Well done.

It has been a good experience for all the players and the parents who attended. I am sure the parents had a lot of anxious moments. It is all worth it, I have been there and speak from personal experience.

All the team players did well giving their best for WA.

Special mention need to be made of Mark Duxbury the umpire. He has given up his personal time to umpire for WA. It is a thankless job and my wife Annie used to do it for WA in quite a few national tournaments.

I still remember why she became an umpire. It was after WA was wrongly treated by an umpire as we did not have our own umpire at a national tournament. To make sure WA did not get bullied again, Annie became an umpire. In fact I became a qualified umpire too but never really saw active duty preferring to blog.

Any way thanks need to also go to Ian the Manager and Coach Ryan. They have done a good job.

Chaperone Diane must also be thanked for cooking for the kids. I am sure Irene and Aminah and the Ranas would have helped to make the job lighter.

It is not an easy task bringing a state team to a comp. The team depends so much on parental support and I am glad this team had great parents supporting the children.

Till the next Under 15s, I wish the team a safe trip home.


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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Individual events

Dear readers

Sorry, it has been the weekend and I have been following the players but have been unable to blog.

Here is the report.

BS: Romy won the first round and then lost to Marcus Kong in 2 sets.

Ryan won the first match and then lost to Ryan Venpin in 2 sets. Marcus and Venpin are in the finals.

Milain went all the way to the semi before losing to Ryan Venpin.


Jasine went to the plate after losing to Lisa Xing of ACT. Janice also went to the plate losing to
B Aniceto.

Daphne also went to the plate after losing to Sydney Go.

Jasmine lost in the 2nd round of the plate. Janice also went out in the first round of the plate.

Daphne went thru to the 3rd round of the plate.

Milain and Vic He are into the MD finals.

Ryan and Daphne went to the quarters before losing to Ryan Chan and Maggie Chan.

 Romy and Jasmine went to the plate.

Ryan Foo  and Janice won the first round but lost in the 2nd.

Romy and Jasmine are in the plates finals.

Milain and Marcus are in the boys doubles.

Romy and Ryan went to the 2nd round.

Janice and Jasmine went to the 2nd round .

Daphne and Alicia went to the plate. They went to the 2nd round of the plate.

So WA only has Milain in the BD and XD, Romy and Ryan are in the plates finals.

Regardless, the parents and kids are enjoying themselves.


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Friday, September 25, 2015

fight for bronze

Dear readers

WA tried hard but could not get a bronze. It was so close as the result was 3/5. WA could not win the mixed doubles this time despite giving everything they had.

The players have tried their best. Now they have to concentrate on the individual events.


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