Thursday, September 29, 2016

The WA Under 15s settle in NT ready for battle

Dear readers

The team looks like they have settled in having had several training sessions.

I understand the concern is the heat. Johnny should be familiar with the heat having been raised in Malaysia. Many of the players are in their first state team and I am sure they are all excited about what they will experience tomorrow. This experience will change their total perspective of what badminton is and can be. They will be competing against the best young players from all the states.

They have however been more well prepared than many of the previous state teams.

The High Performance program run by BAWA through Annie Sim and Coach Yuli have brought the players to their current skill levels.

Now Coach Nick Kidd will push them to the limit to achieve their best. Nick is one of the most  experienced coaches in WA and the players and families will know that he will bring out the best in the players.

Tomorrow they start their first game against Vic Demons and NSW's No. 1 team. It will be an interesting challenge. I have not been following the Under 15s players for a few years and do not know which State team players are strong. Our players are certainly up there with them. If WA does well against NSW 1 and Vic Demons, then they are assured of a medal.

Luckily we have the parents who are attending doing their best to keep every one informed in Perth. We are getting loads of photos from Nicholas Kang, father of Theodore Kang. I hear Preetham who is Anjali's dad is also there and he will be giving us wechat updates on the scores. Lily the Umpire is also experiencing her first state team I think. Good luck. Ian is doing a good job managing everyone. I do not envy his duties. Work hard Ian.

 I remember my first state team in 2010, traveling as a parent when Tyzton and Jazton first started playing in State teams. It was a rude awakening seeing the standard of the bigger players as ours were very young. This state team has several players who have significant tournament experience despite being so young.

We wish them all good luck tomorrow and for the next few days.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Under 15s state team have left for Northern Territory

Dear friends

The WA Under 15 State team have left for the Northern Territory yesterday.

The Val Nesbitt Team event starts on 30 Sept.

Some of the players are in the first state team and must be very excited. They have the experience of Nick Kidd, their coach to make sure they do the best they can.

Some of the player's parents have joined the team and I am sure their support will be appreciated.

I am told the weather is quite hot there. It will be interesting for the players.

We wish the players all the best in this comp. I do  not know who is the cook for the team but the food looks pretty good.

I wonder why I am still blogging for the Under 15s when my sons Jaz and Tyz are now too old for any state teams. This blog was started to keep the parents in WA informed when the teams were playing inter state.

My son Tyz and Kai Chen Teoh have just been selected to represent Aus in the World Junior Tournament in Spain next month. It all just starts with playing for WA in the state teams. Who knows where it will lead to.

So for these young players, some of whom are representing WA in their first state team I wish them all the best for their badminton future.

They all have to thank their parents for supporting them in this badminton journey. Where will it lead them?

Representing Aus at the Olympics?

I will try and keep every one posted during the tournament. However, I have to rely on the parents who are accompanying the team to send me photos for the blog. The more the merrier.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The 2016 Under 15s team

Dear readers

The Under 15s are going to Northern Territory for the 2016 Val Nesbitt Tournament from 30 Sept to 5th Oct.

The team comprises of :

Nick Kidd  Coach.
Ian Bridge Manager

Boys: Johnny Kok, Jacky Zheng, Theodore Kang
Girls: Berniece Teoh, Alicia Xu and Anjali Bhujun.

All the boys are in their first state team. Good luck to them.

Alicia has been in several older state teams. This is her final year in the Under 15s.

Berniece and Anjali are in their first state team. I am sure they will be in many more.

Nick has been a a coach for many years in WA. This is his first Under 15 team. Ian has managed the team last year and his experience will smooth all that needs to be done.

This is quite a well balanced team and hopefully they will do well.