Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The final blog post

Dear friends and readers

Things have slowly gotten back to normal with the Tan Family and Tan and Tan Lawyers.

I thought I should quickly add in some last few pictures before I sign off on the blog.

The reception on our return to Perth
Coach Kim getting a present from the team presented by the captain.

As a result of the strong performance by Xiang and Tyzton, they have both been invited to represent Australia in the Singapore Junior International which takes place in Singapore next month. Good luck on their continuing badminton journey.

This is some of the motivational videos I prepared for Tyzton and Xiang.

I have been privileged to have shared this tournament with my whole family. I am proud of my 2 sons and what they have achieved. I am also proud that Annie was able to umpire for the team so that the whole family was involved. Like I have always said, the family that plays together , stays together.

However, it is with sadness that I have to let all my readers know that as my youngest son is now unable to play in the Under 15's I will have to resign as the Under 15's blogger.

I invite the next parent whose child is playing in the Under 15s to take over the baton and the blog.

Remember that we do it for our children. This piece of history will live forever in cyberspace.

I wish the future Under 15's good luck and good night.


These are emails from sponsors acknowledging the good effort by the team.

Dear Tyzton,

Congratulations to you and your team members for achieving such a good set of results. Our company, The MUI Group is proud of the team’s achievement. Our thanks also goes to the team manager, coaches, supporters and fellow donors.

Keep it up.


HM Ong
For The MUI Group

From: tyzton tan []
Sent: Wednesday, 17 October, 2012 7:36 PM

Dear Supporter/sponsor

Thank you once again for your generous donation and support for the WA Under 15’s Badminton team.
Thanks to your donation, my team and I were able to win a silver medal at the Under 15’s national championships. This is WA’s first Under 15’s team to win silver since the start of the competition in 2005. In fact this may be the first state team to win a silver team medal.
After the team events we had 3 days of individual competition.
Olivia was ranked 5th in singles.
I was ranked 4th in singles and Xiang was ranked 3rd in singles.
Xiang and I won silver in the Boys doubles.
Xiang won the consolation mix doubles with Alexandra.
I won the mix doubles gold with my partner from Melbourne.
Xiang and I have since been invited to play for Australia in the Singapore Junior International which takes place in Singapore on 26 Nov 2012.
We hope to be able to count on your future support for our badminton goals. Thank you.
Yours faithfully 
Tyzton Tan, Captain of the team.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The players say thank you to their coach and their benefactors

Dear readers

The players are excited about tomorrow. However there is one tradition I have started which needs to be done. That is the thank you to the coach.

Sophie left early and was unavailable to make her thank you video but I am sure she will email it to me for the blog update.

Special thanks also need to go to Annie Sim who set through all the matches and missing watching live her son's games. She usually watches the videos in the night. Annie was effectively the assistant  to me as all the accounts were done by her.

My son Jazton who acted as assistant coach for all the matches that Kim could not coach also deserve special mention. He was a calming influence on his brother Tyzton and was able to bring out the best in Tyzton.

And the team could not have done without Tonia who helped with meals and laundry and was always there to lend a hand and a cheer.

We also need to again thank Will from the Nambour Badminton Club for allowing us to use their clubhouse and courts.

Lastly we again thank the following sponsors and donors who have helped the team achieve their dreams of representing WA.

James Chong Lawyers
The Business Doctor 
What Scratch Pty Ltd 
What Scratch Victoria Park 

AXJ Consulting 

RS & JA Farrace 

G - link Australia Migration Services

Two Fat Indians 

SRF Earthmoving

JR Starlight Pty Ltd 

YuLi Zheng

Frank and Henry Pua

Gertie and Amalina Chong
Patsy Loh

Brian Nugawela

MUI Group

Bandyup Prison

Karnet Prison

Victor Sports

Judith Cousins

Busi Bird Pty Ltd

Article from Badminton Australia website

Recounting history and where we go from here

The Silver winning team 2012

Dear readers and El Presidente

History was made during the last week when WA beat Victoria for the first time. History was made when WA got a silver medal in the team event. In my discussions with Kim Rodgers, our coach, it seems that since the Under 15s started, the best we ever got was Bronze last year. when history was made.

Well, we made history again in this tournament.

WA won the silver medal in the team event.
WA and Victoria with Tyzton and Joy Lai won the Mixed doubles gold.
WA won silver in the boy's doubles.
WA won the plate for the mixed doubles.
Xiang and Tyzton were ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.
Olivia was ranked 5th.
The Tan family got 4 silver medals: The captain, the umpire, the manager and the assistant coach.

We have to thank Kim for all the hard work he had put in for the team.

The assistant coach and the umpire should also be thanked by the players.

However, it was the players and their  attitude that made the difference.

These players will hopefully go on to greater futures because they can say that they have excelled in sports while performing well in school. That is a life and work balance that has to be cultivated. I see too many children engrossed in their computer games and not getting a balanced life.

I am too tired to continue blogging having just returned to Perth 2 hrs ago. Will continue tomorrow when I recover.

Good night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Socialising after the games

Dear readers

I am glad it is all over. It has been tiring and I am looking forward to going home and back to routine.

However, there was some time to socialise as the Victorian team are still in town. We decided to meet at Golden beach.

When we got there, the Victorians were already there enjoying the beach.

There was a surfcat hire which I decided to hire for the kids.

I became the captain for the surfcat ferry.

Kim took over and brought the girls and the Victorian umpire and manager for a ride too. What great sports.

It was decided that the 2 teams will have dinner together at the RSL. We met up at 7 pm and had a good meal.

The Victorian and WA team and officials enjoying each other's company at the RSL Club

It was great to be able to sit down and talk to the officials like Catherine and David who have been umpiring for years. I was speaking to Kanny to find out how she is able to sit through all her daughter's matches. She told me it has taken her years. She also told me that her husband had the same problem as myself. Too much emotional involvement with the children's game.

 At the end of the night I managed to film Catherine dancing and enjoying herself. What great sports.

The kids are deciding which amusement park they want to go to tomorrow. Olivia wants to go on all the crazy rights as she is an adrenaline junkie. However Alex wants Waterworld as she gets sick on such rides.

They are kids after all. It will have to be a democratic process.

They have decided to go to Movie World as Alex has been persuaded to go by all the others.

At the end of the night, the players made a thank you video for their coach.

That will be in the next blog.

I did send this email to all my readers yesterday and the sentiments still remain:

Dear friends

What heartaches and what aspirations to be felt. This has been an emotionally draining day for me.

I am considering retiring from being a badminton parent at competitions watching my sons.

Maybe one day, my sons will be able to reread this blog when I am gone from this world. They will know how much I love and treasure them.

My sons will know how proud I am of them in everything they do.

Yours faithfully

Raymond Tan, Inner Temple UK
Lawyer and Public Notary
MARN 0321975

Comments from readers


Well done national winners!!!!!! To all of the players you have had success...


Kay n Judy

Keep it up Bro.
These are what memories are made of in time 
to come. I feel for you .
Someday the kids will have their own kids
and they will fully understand what it feels to be a
Andrew Chai
Victor Sports International
Mobile: 0417980584

Hi Team,

I am checking results-- 3pm Perth time Saturday.

Congratulations to everyone.   When you have lost you have gone down fighting.
I see that Tyzton is still in the XD and BD-- excellent effort
Xiang is still in BD-- great!

I can imagine that you are all (players, Coach, Manager, Umpire-- Tonya and Jazton)   feeling tired but it has been a very successful trip and you must all be proud of what you have achieved.

I fly to Bali in a couple of hours-- but will check Google and see what happens later today-- and tomorrow. -- fingers crossed...

Thank you to Raymond for keeping the blog going and making us feel we are part of the excitement.
I look forward to meeting up with you all and hearing all about it.