Saturday, October 6, 2012

The finals day

Dear readers and El Presidente

The finals day is over. I could not blog as I was too tensed watching the players.

The first match was between Joy Lai and Tiffany Ho. Joy had no problems winning in 2 sets.

Justin then played Huai Dong. Huai Dong also finished the game in 2 sets.

The girl's doubles was worn by Lily Rigg and Joy Lai in 2 sets too.

It was then the start of the boy's doubles.

I had asked Tyzton and Xiang to warm up 1 hr before the match. They had a game against Rao and Jacob from Victoria. I could see that both boys felt nervous.

This is the first time both boys are playing in a finals in a National competition.

The first set did not go well. The boys in their nervousness made so many mistakes they just got 10 points at 21/10.

The 2nd set was more closely fought. The boys went point for point and some of the rallies were quite long. NSW got to 20/18. Our boys caught up and the deuces went to 25/23 before our boys lost.

What a waste. They would have done much better if they got a third set. Their nerves had finally settled but it was too late.

Xiang and Tyzton have to be happy with a silver trophy.

Xiang and Tyzton with their silver medals presented by Glen Warfe

The next match was between Joy Lai and Tyzton against Tiffany Ho and Huai Dong. This was again a closely fought match and Tyzton had gotten over his nervousness.

The first set was won by Joy and Tyzton.
The 2nd set was again closely fought and Joy and Tyzton lost the lead a few times before finishing the game and winning the gold. NSW nearly caught up but both Joy and Tyzton were able to stay calm and finished the game at 21/19 and 21/19.

Xiang and Alex with their plate trophy for the mixed doubles

Joy and Tyzton with their gold trophy for mixed doubles.

Xiang and Alex also won their plate events without any trouble.

This is Tyzton's first gold medal in a national event. Hopefully there will be more as he deals with nervousness playing at higher levels of competition.  

For me , I have decided not to attend any more competitions as I cannot deal with the stress. Kanny, who is Joy's mum asked if I had arranged for counseling for myself as she could see the stress in my face when Tyzton was playing his singles yesterday.

At the end of the competition, the players were ranked.

Tyzton was ranked 4 and Xiang ranked 3rd. Xiang had a higher ranking as he won against Justin Lee in the team match. Good on Xiang.

Olivia was ranked 5th.

The ranking which shows how strong NSW is for this competition
The girls ranking with Olivia ranked 5th

The Mixed doubles winners with their coaches

The whole team with Tania, our chaperon

The runners up for doubles
The plate mixed doubles winners

It has been a great day for the team.

The team made history in the team event and also history in the individual events.

Congrats to Kim for a great job.

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