Monday, October 8, 2012

Recounting history and where we go from here

The Silver winning team 2012

Dear readers and El Presidente

History was made during the last week when WA beat Victoria for the first time. History was made when WA got a silver medal in the team event. In my discussions with Kim Rodgers, our coach, it seems that since the Under 15s started, the best we ever got was Bronze last year. when history was made.

Well, we made history again in this tournament.

WA won the silver medal in the team event.
WA and Victoria with Tyzton and Joy Lai won the Mixed doubles gold.
WA won silver in the boy's doubles.
WA won the plate for the mixed doubles.
Xiang and Tyzton were ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.
Olivia was ranked 5th.
The Tan family got 4 silver medals: The captain, the umpire, the manager and the assistant coach.

We have to thank Kim for all the hard work he had put in for the team.

The assistant coach and the umpire should also be thanked by the players.

However, it was the players and their  attitude that made the difference.

These players will hopefully go on to greater futures because they can say that they have excelled in sports while performing well in school. That is a life and work balance that has to be cultivated. I see too many children engrossed in their computer games and not getting a balanced life.

I am too tired to continue blogging having just returned to Perth 2 hrs ago. Will continue tomorrow when I recover.

Good night.

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