Friday, October 5, 2012

The 2nd day of the individual competition

Dear readers and El Presidente

This has been a very tough day for me as a parent.

Tyzton began his quarterfinals game against Cedric Koh of NSW. The first set was lost at 22/24. I could not bear to watch the 2nd set. I had to walk away leaving the video camera on. I went to the other side of the court to watch the plate events. In the background I was straining to hear the characteristic "sol--oh " uttered by Tyson every time he wins an emphatic point. There were not many and I began to get worried.

I kept turning around to see the 2 players slogging it out.

It is a terrible time listening and hoping your child's dreams are not crushed.

My mind went to the first time I held Tyzton after his plate doubles with Olivia in 2010. They had finished the semifinals after losing a hard fought match.

He was in my arms and started sobbing saying he did not want the tournament to finish for him as he wanted to keep playing. I think that was the first time he formed in his mind the desire to excel in badminton.

And we have been on that journey together as a family ever since. That journey has brought the family 4 silver medals for the team event as captain, asst coach, umpire and manager. Is it all worth it?

Any way coming back to the current situation, Tyzton managed to scrape to a 3rd set after winning at 22/20. It was a good thing I was not watching.

He began his 3rd set and I wandered to the video camera to make sure there was enough battery before going to the canteen to  get a coffee. I then walked out of the stadium to look at the trees and the passing cars so that I did not have to watch his game.

I returned to watch the game from outside as I could see part of the game from the window. I could see Cedric picking up and returning the shuttles a few times. The first set was lost at 22/24. Tyzton came back strongly at 22/20 for the 2nd set.

Tyzton finally won 21/17. This has been his first challenge since the individual events started.

Although the game with Johny Low was a 3 setter, he was not going all the way.

This game has taken quite a bit out of him. However, he must be on a high though tired. He told me Cedric was outside the stadium and very upset. It is such s stress.

Xiang also had problems beating his opponent for his quarter finals game. He had to go 3 sets. He must be hungry as he ate little this morning. He beat Leon Tan 21/11, 17/21 and 21/14.

Tyz now face off Justin Lee and Xiang faces Huai Dong.

The afternoon will I am sure be stressful. I am reminded by the parent who said yesterday that we throw up our guts all over the floor everytime we watch our kids play.

I have just found out that Olivia has been knocked out by Ysabel. She must be devastated. We all try to console her but you can feel her pain. I give her a cup of water as the only comf0ort I can offer for the moment. Her score is 23/21 and 21/19. It was a close match.

They are now starting the quarterfinals for men's doubles.

Xiang and Tyz are playing Kingston Chan and Leon Tan. They beat them easily in 2 sets. They both finally get easy games today. They progress to the semi finals.

Unfortunately Alex was also knocked out from the plate event.

Heer and Rao are facing Huai Dong and Justin Lee in their quarter finals game. They lose in 2 sets.

Olivia and Alexander are playing Chloe Chen and Clara Chen. They just lost the first set as Olivia is not in the best of spirit having lost her singles. They also lose the 2nd set.  Olivia is upset and will not accept an offer for a drink.

Sophie has also lost her plate doubles event.

That leaves Olivia facing Joy Lai and Tyzton for the mixed doubles. Oh dear.  It is not good day for Olivia and I feel her pain. She subsequently loses to Joy and Tyzton 21/4 and 21/19.

Tyzton played Justin Lee in the semifinals of the singles. Xiang played Huai Dong in the semis.

Unfortunately despite both boys trying their best, they could not overcome Huai Dong and Justin separately.

Tyzton went down in 2 close sets at 21/19 and 21/16. Xiang  also went down in 2 sets at 21/9 and 21/18.

Tyzton was so upset and I could feel his pain. Xiang seemed stronger emotionally as he may not have vested as much in his badminton life.

I could not bear to see the games and had to stand outside for most of the game.

Although deflated, they braced themselves for their doubles semi finals against Vincent He and Cedric Koh.

They were good enough to beat their opponents in 2 sets comfortably at 21/5 and 21/15. The 2nd set got me a bit worried. At least they are now in the doubles finals.

They have to meet Huai Dong and Justin in the finals again giving them a chance to revenge their team loss to Huai Dong and Justin.

Olivia and Sophie are out of all their games losing 21/18 and 21/7 to Chloe Chen and Clara Chen.

Alex and Xiang are still playing their mixed doubles plate while Tyzton is still in the semi finals with Joy Lai for their mixed doubles.

At a time like this, you have to admire Eddie Hung for winning all 3 events in the Under 19s as it really takes a toll on the young bodies.

Joy and Tyzton played Justin Lee and Janet Son. They had 2 close fights winning 21/19 and 21/19.

I think I have decided not to follow the teams to the Under 17s as my heart cannot take the stress and pain of watching my sons play at this level.

I am a social badminton player and am now deciding to be a social badminton watcher and not a competition attending parent.

I was watching Sophie play with her partner in the plate and they were playing a regional pair. The opposition's boy had his parents watching and it was just as exciting and stressful at that level for the parents.

For me, I think I have enough of watching my sons play competitively (for the moment).

Tomorrow is another day of stress. Strategies need to be formulated and discussed tonight.

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