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Dear readers and El presidente

I am pleased, proud and honoured to announce that in 1 hr, we will be walking into the courts in Queensland to make history.

The history will be written as a golden or silver tinted history.

The players want it to be a golden history and have been dreaming and talking about it for days since they landed in Caloundra.

Please stay tuned for the next hr. My batteries should be recharged. The players are ready.

The first doubles is between Tyz/Xiang v Huaidong and Justin Lee.

Olivia and Alex are playing Janet Son and Tiffany Ho.

This will be an evenly matched game.

It depends on how hungry each player is for the gold medal.

Winning the first set will give everyone confidence.

WA boys are leading 6/3. We are now at 10/6.  WA gets to 11/10 first. The score is now 14/11.

We lose 2 pts in a row. Tyz's smash is returned 3 times. Justin Lee is good at defence. We are now leading by 1 at 16/15. It is now drawn. NSW takes the lead.  at 19/18 and then get to match point. We lose the first set at 21/19.

The girls are having a tough time too. They also lose the first set at 21/17.

NSW definitely have more supporters than us. We are drawn at 7 all.  NSW get to 11 first.

 We are at 11/13 and catch one more pt. We are down 18/15. We get to 17/19. NSW boys finishes at 21/19.

The girls just lost the 2nd set at 21/13.

They are now 2 matches ahead of us.

The singles have just started with Alex playing Janet Son.

Xiang is also playing Justin Lee.

The NSW supporters are deafening us. They have 3 teams and parents from 3 teams compared to our 6 players , coach and Tonia.

This is again a tough challenge for Xiang.  He gets to 11 first. He is fighting hard to maintain his lead.

Tyz gets to 17/12.  Justin's dad who is the umpire asked for a towel down to break Xiang's momentum. Xiang still gets to 21 first.

Xiang gets to 11 again first in the 2nd set. He needs to win to put us in the hunt for gold. Justin creeps back at 10/11. He then draws.  Justin gets a 3rd set after beating Xiang 21/18.

Xiang needs to dig deep for the 3rd set.

Alex loses in 2 sets to Janet Son at 13/21 and 13/21. She gave her best and we should be proud of her.

Justin Lee has got a leg cramp. We need to see how much time he gets.  The officials are keeping an eye on the time.  Xiang needs to work NSW now. He did not play the mixed doubles against Vic 2 and should be strong. Xiang finally finishes the game to get WA's first match.

Olivia is having trouble keeping up with Tiffany Ho who is running all over the place. She goes down 18/21 and 7/21.

Tyz has just started his match with Huai Dong.

HD gets to 11 first. Everything Tyz is throwing at HD is coming back. HD gets the first set at 21/8.

Tyz loses the 2nd set at 16/21. He is visibly upset.

Xiang is injured and has Heer replace him. The NSW team also change their mixed players to Cedric Koh and Ysabel Say.

Looks like we have to be happy with Silver.

The mixed doubles are both going to 3 setters.

Olivia and Heer lose after a hard fight at 21/18, 10/21 and 15/21. Tyz and Alex win the first at 26/24 but loses the 2nd and 3rd at 13/21 and 8/21.

That is the end of the team event and we have to be happy with Silver.

Western Australia (WA) - NSW Thunder (NSW Thunder): 1-7

Time:Thu 10/4/2012 3:00 PM
Draw:Val Nesbitt Trophy - Positions 1-4
Match overview
OrderEventWestern Australia (WA)-NSW Thunder (NSW Thunder)ScorePoints

Tyzton Tan
Ying Xiang Lin
Huaidong Tang
Justin Lee
17-21 19-210-1

Olivia Fianita
Alexandra Phan
Tiffany Ho
Janet Son
19-21 13-210-1

Ying Xiang Lin
Justin Lee
21-14 18-21 21-81-0

Alexandra Phan
Janet Son
13-21 13-210-1

Tyzton Tan
Huaidong Tang
8-21 16-210-1

Olivia Fianita
Tiffany Ho
8-21 7-210-1

Heer Gudka
Olivia Fianita
Cedric Koh
Ysabel Say
21-15 10-21 15-210-1

Tyzton Tan
Alexandra Phan
Huaidong Tang
Tiffany Ho
26-24 13-21 8-210-1


Western Australia00011-74-15286-376
NSW Thunder01007-115-4376-286

Comments from readers:

Congratulations to the team for the fantastic result.

Best Regards
Val & Family

Hi Raymond and Team ,

Well done to everyone -- a Silver Medal is an excellent result.
I can see that there were some tight matches - and three-setters -which shows how competitive the Tie was.

I can imagine the excitement-- and possibly a bit of disappointment-- BUT with everyone trying their best what more can anyone ask?

I am loving the blog which makes me feel as though I am there with you!
Thanks to Kim for sending me a text at 4am-- fortunately my phone was in another room and I didn't check it till a more reasonable hour...

Time to re-group and now face the Individual Championships.

Hugs all round--

Judy, BAWA president


Congratulations.....still a great effort 

Kay Terry

The team tried really hard and came away with silver

Well done

Congrats to the under 15 team


Kelly Hoare

Christina Lee commented on your status.
Christina wrote: "Keep up the good work.. ! :-)"


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