Sunday, September 9, 2018

The WA 2018 UNDER 15s TEAM

Dear readers

The Under 15s tournament is back in the calendar.

The 2018 will take place in Wharoonga, New South Wales.

Event dates: 28 September - 4 October 2018.

The 2018 Team:

Justin Lim
Robin Fu
Timothy Sentosa
Cindy Lawrence
Joanne Zheng
Shakthi Angusamy
Coach: David Chadderton
Manager: Suryawati
Umpire: Paul Garvey

I believe it is a first No. 1 state team experience for all the players except Joanne Zheng. Joanne was a steady contributor last year when the team got silver. I remember she fought through with courage despite getting injured. I wish her well this year.

Timothy, Shakti and Cindy were in the WA  Under 15s 2nd team last year. Their experience from last year will give them a good idea of what they have to do to win back a medal.

Justin and Robin are first timers and I am sure they will gain much from this experience.

Last year's WA No. 1 team won silver on home soil with Yuli Zheng as the coach and my wife Annie as the manager.

Yuli and Annie are 2 ladies who have 2 silver team medal each.  Annie had her first silver medal as an umpire when Tyz's WA team got silver for the first time for WA in living history. She got her 2nd last year as the manager.

Yuli has won an Under 17 and and an Under 15s silver medal.

This is Surya's first state team as manager. We wish her well. She has done great work fund raising. I was so impressed that I volunteered for Anyu Badminton Academy and Tan and Tan Lawyers to sponsor the team uniforms.

Osso Securities , an Indonesian company has also sponsored the team thanks tothe Dawsons.

The coach is David and I believe this is also his first state team. Good luck and get ready for hard work ahead. Paul Garvey is the team umpire. I think this is also his first state team.

The team will have to work hard this year as Vic and NSW will always be formidable opponents.

I hear quite a few parents are going with the team for support. We wish all of them luck. Been there, done that many times and never regretted a moment.

I did tell the players to thank their parents for their support. Hope they remember.

Good luck WA.