Saturday, July 25, 2015

Presenting the 2015 team

Dear friends and readers

Welcome to the 2015 Under 15s nationals yet again.

This Under 15s blog started in 2010 when my sons Tyz and Jaz were first selected. The blog was started to keep the parents left in Perth updated about what was happening at Shepparton in 2010.

After 5 years, I am still blogging and enjoying every minute of it.

It is a pleasure to see how the players are supported by their parents to achieve all they can in what is usually the children's first national tournament.

This year the players who have been selected to represent WA are:

Milain Ranasinghe

Ryan Tan
Romy Puhalovich

Daphne Wan
Jasmine and Janice Tan the twins. One has a mole and that is how we differentiate them.

Yes, the Tans are still there.

This is Milain's 3rd and Daphne's 2nd state team representation.

Ryan, Romy, Jasmine and Janice are feeling the thrill I am sure of being in their first state team.

I know they have all worked very hard to get here.

There is so much more hard work before they get to South Australia for the nationals.

Ryan Lin is the coach. He has coached the Under 17s and Under 19s and this is his first Under 15s team.

The players are in good hands as Ryan has a master in sports science.

The manager is Ian Bridge. He is an unknown to me as I have yet to meet him. He just migrated from England as far as I know from my wife Annie who has the BAWA High Performance portfolio.

All the players have very supportive parents who are always there to help and encourage their child.

I have seen Irene Tan sitting at the side watching her son play since the first time I met them. She even makes dessert for the Samson Badminton Club when she brings Ryan there for social matches.

The Wans are also always around to support their children.

The Ranasinghes are also always there for their child including bringing their new born baby everytime they visit the court.

Teck Hin and Dianne are also always at the courts for their children including older boy Jasper who has been in more than 4 state teams. The twins are experiencing their first state team and everytime I see them I see  them getting stronger and more importantly taller.

Romy's parents are another amazing badminton family. Always there for their son.

I guess if it is not for the support of the parents, the children will never be able to achieve what they have achieved so far.

It is more important that the family that plays together stay together. That is my view of life.

All the players also train at the AnYu Badminton Academy with Yuli Zheng. Yuli should be very proud of all her charges.

They all did so well in the recent Junior State championship.

This will be a long road before they get to South Australia.

I wish them all the best.


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