Thursday, October 4, 2012

The individual events start

Dear readers and El Presidente

The individual events have started.

We tried as hard as we could for the team event. We only managed a silver.

As Jazton was officially recorded as Asst coach, he had a medal too. That was a surprise.

We had Italian for dinner as a celebration.

The players are now focused on the individual events.

Xiang is ranked ¾ in singles.

Tyzton is ranked 2 in singles.

Olivia is ranked ¾ in singles.

Tyz and Xiang are ranked 2 in doubles.

Tyz and Joy are ranked 1 in MX.

We will try our best  to make more history. Maybe 2 WA players for the boy’s singles.

Xiang is playing his first singles against David Kang of Vic. He won the first set easily. He had a harder fight for the 2nd set but won too at 21/10 and 21/14.

Heer also finished his game in 2 sets against Matthew Huang of Brisbane at 27/25 and 21/17.

Tyzton is playing his first set against a 10 years old called Nathan Wong from Brisbane. He is giving his opponent a game and the 10 year old player has lots of supporters as he is from Queensland. Everytime he gets a point, there are loud cheers. The kid is gamed and giving everything he has. Tyz is just hitting the shuttle back. Both players are getting a good workout.

Nathan has shown great courage and determination giving everything he has. Good luck on his badminton journey.

Tyzton and Nathan Wong

Heer plays Jacob Schueler and loses in 2 sets bidding goodbye to his singles journey.

Alex is playing Janet Son. Alex loses to Janet in 2 sets and goes to the plate event.

Xiang plays Lachlan Boustead next and despatches him in 2 sets.

Sophie is playing Celina Chen of NSW Dash. Sophie wins in 2 sets at 21/15 and 21/13.

Olivia is playing Lily Rigg. This should be interesting. Olivia won in 2 sets at 21/15 and 21/11.

Tyzton plays Johny Low next. Johny is 13 years of age and has been playing in the nationals about the same time as Tyzton. Only problem is that he has not grown in height but has accumulated a substantial armoury of shots.

Tyzton plays around with him and wins the 1st set easily. Tyzton continues to play around with Johny and suddenly realises Johny is leading at 12/17.  A quick catchup by playing his normal game does not give him enough time and Johny wins the 2nd set.

Kim looks worriedly at me. Tyzton quickly finishes off the 3rd set to Kim and my relief.

This shows Tyzton that nothing is to be taken for granted. He told me he was embarrased at having to play 2 players in succession who are much shorter than him. I reminded him that there was to be no more fooling around.

The problem is that Johny Low, although small in stature is actually a very mature player. His badminton records show he started playing competitively in 2009 when Tyz was not even interested in badminton.

Tyzton told me this was a wake up call. I informed Tyzton that Huai Dong despatched one of the Vic Country regional players 21/0. He showed no mercy.

Sophie lost to Olivia in 2 sets leaving Olivia in the main draw.

Heer partners Rao of Victoria and win their first match against D Blaga and Matthew Huang. They now get to play Huaidong and Justin Lee, the No. 1 seed.

Tyzton and Xiang had to play Nathan Wong and Preston Zhong. They easily beat them 21/8 and 21/15. They will play Kingston Chan and Leon Tan tomorrow.

Olivia and Alex win Stephanie fan and Ysabel Say although it was a scary 2nd set that finished at 23/21. They will play Chloe Chen and Clara Chen tomorrow.

Sophie and her new partner C Mashalidis will go to the plate event after losing  to Rachel Li and W Min.

Tyz and Joy Lai played their first game together today. They are seeded 1 although they have never played together before. They won Rao and Sam Lee easily.

Heer and Olivia beat J Ang and Ros eXu before beating Marco Ma and Weijin Min. However they now have to face off Joy Lai and Tyzton.

Sophie and her partner Daniel Kasim were unlucky to face Justin Lee and Janet Son. They lost in 2 sets. They now go to the plate.

Tomorrow is another day and another less meal to cook for the team.

The funniest moments in these tournaments are the chats with the parents. First you try to match the children to the parents. Then you listen to the parents talk about their aspirations for their children.

One father told me that his guts and soul are thrown up all over the floor everytime  he sees his child play. The things we do for our kids.

Good night.

The Queensland officials having dinner with us

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Well done team in all your hard fought battles. Great work Tonia for all the behind the scenes work in washing the teams uniforms,cooking, cleaning,photographer and being there for all the kids in the pressure times no silver for you just gold.


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  1. Well done team in all your hard fought battles. Great work Tonia for all the behind the scenes work in washing the teams uniforms,cooking, cleaning,photographer and being there for all the kids in the pressure times no silver for you just gold.