Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd day of the team event

Dear readers and El Presidente BAWA

Just reporting on what has been happening in Caloundra.

The girls were in the pool first thing in the morning.

Alex and Sophie braving the morning wind and cold

After breakfast, the team did a recce trip to see what the competition will be like for this afternoon. We are playing NSW 2. NSW 2 are playing  Vic 1 in the morning. It is important to know what we are up against this afternoon.

I think Vic 1 beat NSW 2 7/2. There was a good fight back by the NSW No. 2 boy in a close 3 setter.

Kim asked me to blog about the ridiculous situation re the umpire's chair.

The 6 chairs umpire method

Annie was in a competition yesterday with the Vic umpire to see who had more chairs. Annie started with 4 chairs and the Vic umpire went 5 chairs up. I went to get Annie another 2 chairs to make it six and the Vic Umpire got another chair. The Vic umpire said she won because she had 6 chairs and 2 sandbags. Well, you can only laugh about it. However, some of these umpires have bum legs and backs and you really need to wonder why the organisers are not prepared.

There were also discussions between Kim and I that perhaps the organisers should have got all the teams to play off each other as there are only 7 main teams.

I can just see Kim drafting his long letter to Badminton Australia.

We got back to the apartments for our tacos lunch prepared by Tonia.

Before lunch, the kids went to the pool.

See the video for the WA training in water

Alex and Sophie enjoying the sun

I finally found the courage to get into the pool

Got to go for a team briefing now. Keep posted for updates during the match. It starts at 3 pm Queensland time.

The match has started. WA boys get to a 11/4 lead immediately. They are playing against a left handed player. They are now at 15/4. The boys are now at 17/5. Both boys are playing well. They get 21/6. The fear factor must be happening.

However NSW are getting their act together and are now leading 4/3 in the 2nd set. Xiang does a cross drop and equalises to 5/5. WA now takes a 1 pt lead. They  are trailing again before catching up. They finish at 11/9 first. They are now at 14/10. All the smashes to the middle are catching the left handed player. They are now at 17/11. Xiang does a good smash to get them to 18/13. Tyz does a smash which is returned after tumbling down the net. NSW catches up to 18/20 before WA finishes with a smash from Tyz that tumbles over.

The girls are having a tougher fight as NSW gets to 11 first. They are trailing 13/11. Now 13/15. They catch up and then win at 21/18 for the first set.

The WA girls get to 11 first again.  Alex does a good serve and then smashes for a point. The WA girls are up 16/10. Now at 17/10. They lose a point after some miscommunication to 12/18. Alex returns a smash and gets another point. They reach 21/14 after a weak return is smashed by Alex convincingly to finish the game. This is a great partnership as Olivia sets up the game for Alex to smash.

The singles has just started.

Alex gets a slow start and only gets a point after losing 5 in a row.  Now she has caught up to 5/6. Must be the jitters. NSW gets to 11/8 first. Alex gets to 11 all after the break.   The girls are going point for point at 18 all. She gets to 20/18 after a good cross. NSW gets to 19 and then 20 all. Alex does a good drop to get the lead.  She finishes with a drop to win at 22/20.

Alex is leading at 15/8. She gets another point after NSW hits out. This is a better game for WA.
WA is now up at 18/9. Alex does a cross drop to get to 19. She does a good smash to get to match point and wins after NSW hits out.

Xiang is leading at 6/4. He gets to 11 first. He gets to 13/6. He does a fake smash and drops for a point. He gets to 16/9 after NSW hits out. He wins the match at 21/11 after NSW hits out.

Xiang is leading at 13/9. NSW gets 6 points in a row before Xiang gets 1. Suddenly it is 16 all before Xiang gets to 18/16.  He hits the net  and loses 1 pt but does a smash to get back, NSW is fighting back. The score is tied at 19 all. Xiang does a drop to get match point. NSW does a drop to get deuce.

They are now at 21 all. NSW serves out and Xiang finishes the game finally.

We are now leading 4 love.

Tyz has started his game. He gets a 4/1 lead. He does a good net drop to get to 6/1.
He is leading at 8/3.  He gets to 11/4 first. NSW gets to 7/12. Tyz hits out to give NSW 9/13. Tyz does a cross drop to get back a point. It is 17/10 after NSW hits the net. Tyzton is learning patience which is good. He gets to match point at 20/12. He gets the first set after his smash is hit out by NSW.

Tyz is leading at 11 on the 2nd set. WA gets to 13/9. NSW gets 3 points in a row to catch up. He does his trade mark cross drop to get a point. He gets another point but loses the next before asking for a towel break.  Tyz gets to 19/17. NSW gets a good smash.

All the NSW teams are now here supporting their player but Tyz gets to match point. He then misses a net drop. He then smashes to finish the game. This should put fear in the NSW 1 team.

Olivia is moving well  but NSW is keeping up at 9 all.  NSW is still fighting hard at 14/16. It is now 17/15 for Olivia. Olivia gets to 20/18 and finishes the game.

Olivia gets to 11/8 for the 2nd game. She gets to 13/10.   The score gets to 17/14 but NSW is still fighting. Olivia gets another point with a cross and then does a good net to get match point.  She then hits the shuttle out before winning the next point and the match.

Heer and Sophie are next playing their first game for WA. They must be excited and nervous.
NSW gets to 11/10 first. WA is keeping NSW honest. They are going blow for blow.

NSW serves into the net for WA to even up.

WA is trailing 17/14 now. NSW wins the first set. WA is putting on a fight but have to dig deeper.

We are trailing 6/9 in the second set.

NSW get to 11 first.  WA is fighting back with a few good smashes.  They are trailing 17/12 now.  They lose the match after trying their best. It is not easy at this level. Unfortunately we have not had the chance to play any weaker teams to give Sophie and Heer more matchplay.

Tyz and Alex won their first game without trouble at 21/10. Alex is too aggressive at the net for NSW. WA gets to 11 first. We are at 15/2 ahead. NSW gets a point finally after Alex serves out.
WA finishes at 21/5.

We win at 7/1.

Our beautiful umpire, best looking one at the tournament

Tyzton getting a quick massage

The hand shake

The team huddle

Xiang and Tyzton

Alex and Olivia

Xiang winning his  singles

Alex winning her singles

Sophie and Heer in their first doubles

Our assistant coach with his geisha fan

Olivia winning her set and match

The Nick Kidd sanctioned cool down

We finally had our BBQ

Draw:Val Nesbitt Trophy - Group 1

Draw:Val Nesbitt Trophy - Group 1
Match overview
OrderEventWestern Australia (WA)-NSW Lightning (NSW Lightning)ScorePoints

Tyzton Tan
Ying Xiang Lin
Vincent He
Marco Ma
21-6 21-181-0

Olivia Fianita
Alexandra Phan
Katrina Lowe
Jodee Vega
21-18 21-141-0

Ying Xiang Lin
Kingston Chan
21-11 23-211-0

Alexandra Phan
Chloe Lee
22-20 21-91-0

Tyzton Tan
Vincent He
21-13 21-191-0

Olivia Fianita
Katrina Lowe
21-18 21-161-0

Heer Gudka
Sophie Leonard
Marco Ma
Jodee Vega
16-21 14-210-1

Tyzton Tan
Alexandra Phan
Kingston Chan
Katrina Lowe
21-10 21-51-0


Western Australia01007-114-2327-240
NSW Lightning00011-72-14240-327

Comments from well wishers

Two out of two!  Well done team..  Keep up the fighting spirit and looks like you guys are having heaps of fun!

Enjoy and of course keep the focus on the court when you are there ;)

Good Luck for the next matches..



Congratulations....another brilliant WIN to WA.... Against NSW

Fantastic keep up the good team work..

Kay Terry, 2011 and 2012 Under 17s WA State Coach

Well done guys, keep up the good work.

Yuli, Under  2011 and 2012, Under 17s WA State Coach

Please pass on my congrats to the whole team. Good that Sophie and Heer are included. A + for coach and manager. Tougher challenges ahead so tell the close knit team what an opportunity to show their team spirit and motto. They may beat me but they can never beat us. Remember to remind Tyz what the 3 D stand for determination.

Also remember the 3 C: cool, calm and collected. And remain patient.

Paul Kong

Awesomest news I have had in ages!!! Go WA!!! :)

Nick Kidd.


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