Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Under 15s state team have left for Northern Territory

Dear friends

The WA Under 15 State team have left for the Northern Territory yesterday.

The Val Nesbitt Team event starts on 30 Sept.

Some of the players are in the first state team and must be very excited. They have the experience of Nick Kidd, their coach to make sure they do the best they can.

Some of the player's parents have joined the team and I am sure their support will be appreciated.

I am told the weather is quite hot there. It will be interesting for the players.

We wish the players all the best in this comp. I do  not know who is the cook for the team but the food looks pretty good.

I wonder why I am still blogging for the Under 15s when my sons Jaz and Tyz are now too old for any state teams. This blog was started to keep the parents in WA informed when the teams were playing inter state.

My son Tyz and Kai Chen Teoh have just been selected to represent Aus in the World Junior Tournament in Spain next month. It all just starts with playing for WA in the state teams. Who knows where it will lead to.

So for these young players, some of whom are representing WA in their first state team I wish them all the best for their badminton future.

They all have to thank their parents for supporting them in this badminton journey. Where will it lead them?

Representing Aus at the Olympics?

I will try and keep every one posted during the tournament. However, I have to rely on the parents who are accompanying the team to send me photos for the blog. The more the merrier.

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