Sunday, September 13, 2015

Presidents cup 2015

Dear readers

On Sat, the state team were at Armadale to challenge the President's team.

The President's team are players selected by the BAWA president to challenge the Under 15s players before they leave for their national tournament.

The President's Challenge used to be only for the Under 17s, Under 19s and Senior State teams.

Of course when I was the Under 15s Manager , I said why can't the Under 15s have a President's Cup challenge. Judith agreed and sponsored the trophy and hence we now have the Under 15s President's Cup.

Unfortunately my family were not able to get involved this year as every one fell sick during the weekend except Annie. She had to represent the Tans.

I was disappointed the parents did not take more photos or even gave me the scores :)

I understand after a brave fight, the Under 15s succumbed to the President's team that comprised of a lot of older players. They did not lose by much and should be proud.

This is all for the experience and bonding before they leave for the nationals.

Here are the videos and photos.


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