Monday, October 1, 2012

Our 2nd day at Caloundra

Dear friends and readers

I got up at 6 30 am this morning. I do not usually wake up this early as I am a late sleeper. Last night was exceptional as I went to bed at 11 pm when my usual hrs of sleep are 2 am.

Anyway, I was the first one up in the apartment. I decided to cook chicken porridge for everyone and a vegetarian version for Heer.

After breakfast, the team got ready  to go back to Nambour for training.

Here are the 3 sleeping beauties while waiting for the boys to turn up for training.  

As we were early, Kim decided to give us a tour of Caloundra. It is actually bigger than Mandurah. It also has a canal resort village with lots of beautiful homes.

We ended up at Dicky Beach for photos although it was quite cold.

The players treading on the soft sand at Dicky Beach.

One of the girl's handiwork

Dickey Beach is named after the wreck behind the team.

The view of Dickey Beach

We finally finished Kim's tour and started our training session at Nambour. We had our lunch at the Sunshine Coast Badminton Association Clubhouse. Their president Will, was kind enough to give me the keys to the kitchen too. I need to thank Will again from the Sunshine Coast Badminton Association for his hospitality.

Lunch before training

The players worked hard and as usual at the end of the training, Tyzton got the team to do a cool down. The cool down involves leaning against the wall with the legs hanging up to get the lactic acid out of the system.

Cooling down  by Nick Kidd's method.

After the training at Nambour we managed to visit the Big Pineapple. What is the Big Pineapple? It is the biggest pineapple in the world and it is just out of Nambour.

The Big Pineapple and Tyztons's sixpack.

After the Big Pineapple, we had a chance to try out the courts at Caloundra finally. The floors are good but the lines are confusing. Kim had some words with the tournament referee and is still trying to find out whether any changes will be made.

The players and their first session at Caloundra

After the training, the players were treated to Cold Rock ice cream which I later discovered cost $51/ for 6 players!!!! This has blown the budget sky high. Kim said there is to be no more ice cream till they win.

Cold Rock for some hot players

Kim trying his hand at cooking
We had dinner prepared by the coach, the manager, the umpire and Tonia. We had to get Kim to help at the kitchen after Judy's comments that his job was too easy. The kids finished dinner quickly and enjoyed every bit.

Annie is cooking tomorrow's dinner which is lasagne. She just set off the fire alarm. Oh dear, this has been an eventful day. 

Anyway the real work starts tomorrow. Good night.

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  1. Hi Team

    Today the hard work begins, i am sure you will win just to get more ice cream, good luck and have fun.

    cheers Kelly