Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The final blog post

Dear friends and readers

Things have slowly gotten back to normal with the Tan Family and Tan and Tan Lawyers.

I thought I should quickly add in some last few pictures before I sign off on the blog.

The reception on our return to Perth
Coach Kim getting a present from the team presented by the captain.

As a result of the strong performance by Xiang and Tyzton, they have both been invited to represent Australia in the Singapore Junior International which takes place in Singapore next month. Good luck on their continuing badminton journey.

This is some of the motivational videos I prepared for Tyzton and Xiang.

I have been privileged to have shared this tournament with my whole family. I am proud of my 2 sons and what they have achieved. I am also proud that Annie was able to umpire for the team so that the whole family was involved. Like I have always said, the family that plays together , stays together.

However, it is with sadness that I have to let all my readers know that as my youngest son is now unable to play in the Under 15's I will have to resign as the Under 15's blogger.

I invite the next parent whose child is playing in the Under 15s to take over the baton and the blog.

Remember that we do it for our children. This piece of history will live forever in cyberspace.

I wish the future Under 15's good luck and good night.


These are emails from sponsors acknowledging the good effort by the team.

Dear Tyzton,

Congratulations to you and your team members for achieving such a good set of results. Our company, The MUI Group is proud of the team’s achievement. Our thanks also goes to the team manager, coaches, supporters and fellow donors.

Keep it up.


HM Ong
For The MUI Group

From: tyzton tan []
Sent: Wednesday, 17 October, 2012 7:36 PM

Dear Supporter/sponsor

Thank you once again for your generous donation and support for the WA Under 15’s Badminton team.
Thanks to your donation, my team and I were able to win a silver medal at the Under 15’s national championships. This is WA’s first Under 15’s team to win silver since the start of the competition in 2005. In fact this may be the first state team to win a silver team medal.
After the team events we had 3 days of individual competition.
Olivia was ranked 5th in singles.
I was ranked 4th in singles and Xiang was ranked 3rd in singles.
Xiang and I won silver in the Boys doubles.
Xiang won the consolation mix doubles with Alexandra.
I won the mix doubles gold with my partner from Melbourne.
Xiang and I have since been invited to play for Australia in the Singapore Junior International which takes place in Singapore on 26 Nov 2012.
We hope to be able to count on your future support for our badminton goals. Thank you.
Yours faithfully 
Tyzton Tan, Captain of the team.

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