Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last night before the start of the official opening

Dear friends, players and parents

Today was the last day of official training for the Under 15s team.

The training was held at the venue for the competition. Kingsley Stadium has been the site of many competitions undertaken by the team. Hopefully this will give the team a psychological advantage.

The training was conducted  by coach AiLing. Jaz and Michael came to help the team with matchplay.

Himanshu also trained the BAWA sanctioned regional team for their final training match.

At the end of the training, it was voted that Toukrei, who is Amos' mum be appointed as the team Motivational Manager or MM for short. She will be in charge of getting the whole team to support each player during their match.

I ask all the team and parents to ensure that they give Toukrei her full support and encouragement.

Toukrei was recounting how the Under 19s team  despite being underdogs were able to win Bronze at the last competition. It was partly because of Nick Kidd's organisation of cheer teams to support each player during their matches.I am sure the formlua will work for the Under 15s team too.

Our MM is also the team unofficial Rocktape Fixer (RF). ROCKTAPE is the only kinesiology tape designed to help athletes go faster. It is great for common sports injuries and increases performance thru proprioception. What is that "proprioception"? Proprioception refers to the body's ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. It seems the whole Under 19s team were rocktaped at one stage or other by Toukrei during the competition. She is not qualified, so parents, please confirm you approve of her rocktaping your child before she does so. Who knows what some idiot may say or complain to BAWA about the rocktape. No names mentioned.

So our MM is also our RF. Looks like the team is set and ready to go. See you all tomorrow. Goodnight.

Dennis and Eunice playing against Phing and Amos. Annie acting as umpire.

Himanshu coaching the regional team with Yong helping.  No, Yong is a parent. He is too old and tall to be 15.

The whole team training

Xiang and Olivia playing against Tyz and Silvi

Coach Ailing getting the team to go for a cool down run

Ailing speaking to the team at the end of training
Toukrei , our newly appointed Motivational Manager (MM) speaking to the team

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