Friday, October 7, 2011

Highs and Lows of the day

Dear friends and parents

What a stressful day for all the parents. The parents have endured the highs and lows of the day. Experienced anxiety and near stroke, experienced relief and joy.

The first game today was between Amos and Huaidong Tang. Amos was able to quickly despatch Tang in 2 sets.

Joy Lai then beat Olivia 21-9 and 21-15. Olivia fought bravely but was not strong enough.

Phing Teo won her game against Julia Nicolas without much fanfare. Eunice was also able to beat Tylah Brun in 2 easy sets.

In the plate event, Xiang beat Ewaldo also in 2 sets. Dennis also beat Daniel Ho in 2 sets in the plate event.

Amos and Dennis had their doubles game and despatched Daniel Choo and Emerson Kristic in 2 sets without any problem although the 2nd set at 21-19 was looking a bit dangerous.

In the girls double, Eunice and Phing were also too strong against Alice Lorincz and Adriana Phan beating them in 2 sets.

I then had to witness the mixed doubles game between Tyz and Sanoja against Amos and Phing who are of course in the same WA teams and have the same coaches namely Paul Kong and Nick. Ailing also could not coach them as they are WA. So there were no coaches there as everyone excused themselves.

So it was up to my son Jaz to coach them. The first set started badly for Tyz and Sanoja with them losing 14-21. Tyz was not on fire and I told my wife that it would probably be a short day and I could get back to the office. The 2nd set was a breakthrough for Tyz and Sanoja with them winning 22-20 from behind. My god, my heart was pumping. The final set saw Sanoja and Tyz fired up winning 21-17. That was a great start for the day as Amos and Phing are seeded 5 of 8. This was an upset as Tyz and Sanoja had only had their 3rd game together. I had to call the office to cancel my appointments.

Likewise for Dennis and  Eunice, they also managed a win against Kristic and Josephine Liu in 2 sets.

The next game was between Amos and Matthew Chan. The first game went to Amos easily at 21-12. This was despite Amos being caught foot faulted in 3 occasions. At the 2nd set, Amos somehow lost concentration and lost 14-21. His father who was beside me was frantic. Such are the emotions felt by a parent.I wonder if Lee Chong Wei or Ling Dang's parents ever feel that way.  Luckily Amos pulled up his socks and finished the game at 21-14 to the relief of his parents.

In the meantime, Phing also won Lee Yen Khoo in 2 straight sets. Eunice was having problems containing Grace Ngiam. Eunice went down 21-14 and 21-15 without any shame.

In the next doubles game, Amos and Dennis  lost to the 3/4 seeds, Eddie Luk and Andre Zopf.  This was again a 3 setter and Dennis and Amos went down fighting.

In the girls doubles, Phing and Eunice managed an easy win against Leeyen Khoo and Josephine Liu in 2 sets.

Xiang and Olivia also managed a win against Allen Roy and Angelique Agulto in 2 sets in their plate match.

The next game was between Tyz and Sanoja against Austin Yu and Mandy Liu who are seeded 3 of 4. Tyz and Sanoja raised their game and beat them 21-19 and 21-18. That was a good result which meant they were now in the semi finals.

Eunice and Dennis also won their matches against Kunal Patil and Alice Wu. They had a tougher time having to endure a rubber and giving their parents heartburn. The first set actually went to 29-27 which was amazing.

In the plate, Xiang and Olivia were now beating Calvin Lai and Jessica Li in 2 comfortable sets.

WA's players were managing well and holding their heads high.

The next match was between Amos and Jonathan Sha who is seeded 3/4. Amos won the first set 25-23 after nearly losing it. His father was beside himself.  Amos was foot faulted a few times and lost 3 points.  The 2nd set was bad and Amos lost 15-21 with his dad shouting at him to focus.

The rubber set was a thriller. It was a point for point match until point 14 before Amos finally broke free to finish to the relief of all his supporters. I could see the anxious faces of his parents. Amos now plays for gold or silver against Austin Yu.

Phing was not having much luck battling Joy Lai the number 1 seed. She went down fighting at 21-12 and 21-16.

For the plate, Xiang again beat Damien Blaga in 2 sets. Dennis also beat Julian Lam in 2 sets in the plate event.

Tyz and Sanoja then commenced their mixed doubles game against Joy Lai and Andre Zopf who are seeded no. 1. Could they get another upset victory? The first set did not bode well for Tyz and Sanoja. They lost 21-9. For the 2nd set, they found their stride and won at 19-21 after a close fight. I was breathless watching their game. They had come from behind.

The 3rd set was very close with the teams matching each other point for point before the No. 1 seeds broke away. At times they were 4 points ahead yet Tyz and Sanoja never gave up and closed the gap. They had to close the gap on more than 3 occasions before finally losing at 21-17. It was so close. That marked the end of the season for Tyz and Sanoja. They should feel proud as they have done their best and fought with all their hearts. They were not intimidated and I am so proud of them. They should be ranked 3/4 now for their doubles game.

Tyz and Sanoja vs Joy Lai and Andre Zopf in the semifinals

Dennis and Eunice were also not having a good time as they went down 21-12 and 21-14 to Grace and Julian Lam the No. 2 seeds.  Their parents should be proud of them too for reaching the semi finals.

In the plate events, Xiang lost to Justin lee in 2 sets and he looked so disappointed.
The last match was between Titus of WA and Dennis for the plate.  Dennis managed a 2 set win against Titus despite Titus fighting hard.

In the mixed doubles, Xiang and Olivia also lost in 2 sets to Eric Qi and Adriana Phan. That is also the end of the season for Xiang and Olivia. They can leave knowing they have done well. They both have big hearts despite their sizes. Watch out for next year when they should be bigger.

We were also lucky to have dedicated coaches like Ailing, Paul, Nick and Himanshu who stayed the whole day supporting the players.

The WA players who still have games are Amos in his singles and Phing and Eunice in their doubles. We wish them luck.

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