Sunday, October 2, 2011

Opening ceremony of the Val Nesbitt Trophy 2011

Dear readers, friends and parents

The Val Nesbitt Trophy event was launched today with a great opening ceremony.

All the teams have arrived and they all look impressive in their uniforms. Most of the players have grown taller since I last saw them in Melbourne.

Today was a great photo op day. Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words so I do not have to write too much today. Need an early night as we have to be at Kingsway early tomorrow.

There are 9 State teams and 8 regional teams.

WA will be playing Victoria 2 tomorrow at 9 am.

All the teams sat for their team photographs before proceeding to the main hall for the opening ceremony.

Judith Cousins , our BAWA president gave a good welcoming speech. We were even treated to 2 displays of cheerleading by 2 girl teams of cheerleaders. Maybe our girl parents wished their girls were more into cheerleading instead of badminton. It would certainly be cheaper.

The team finally in their uniforms. The manager is missing though.

The team with supporting parents

WA Eagles and their parents and coach Kim Rodgers

The  Western Eagle Regional team with Matthew wearing the mascot hat. I did not manage to get photos of the Geraldton regional teams.

The team doing their 1st huddle

Team photo in funny face mode

The BAWA Board with volunteers for the event

The Val Nesbitt teams 2011

The opening ceremony

I could not resist taking this photo of Paul Kong and his wife Wai. This is the first time I have seen Paul out of sports gear. Also in the photo are Himanshu and my wife Annie the Umpire.

However, the best photo of the day was this one of Winston Allen. While all of us are enjoying ourselves at the reception, one volunteer was still working on his own to make sure everything is going to be alright tomorrow. Winston is one of our most treasured member. Never complaining and always helping out. Good on you Winston.

Winston working on his own while we are all enjoying a drink and food. Not a single other person in the hall.

So the real games start tomorrow. If you can make it, please turn up to cheer the WA team on.  Goodnight.

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