Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The individual events starts

Dear friends and readers,

Yes, I have taken another day off from the office to be with my sons and wife. She still has to umpire.

I have set up office next to the Li-ning dealership with Andrew Chai. Andrew has been supporting the boys and the team for many years. Infact Andrew was the first person to spot the boys' potential and gave them their first coaching tips.

Setting up the office at the Victor stand means I can continue with my legal work and still watch the games and still blog. How's that for multi tasking.

Any way, enough of advertising for the sponsors.

Andrew Chai, agent for Li-ning and myself

Tyz's 1st game was against Gilbert Choi from the regional team. He had no problems finishing the game in straight sets. He will have a more difficult 2nd game against Eric Qi.

Dennis played Patel from the regional team. Although playing as hard as he could, he was unable to beat Patel. He has to be content with the plate event. The plate event is a consolation prize so that all players are assured of at least 2 games in a competition.

Tyz and Titus played their first doubles game against Kumar and Ewaldo from the regional NSW silver team. The first set was won by Tyzton and Titus after a close call. Tyz won the game with a flick serve that surprised the other player.

The 2nd set was a closer fight. Tyzton again flicked the last serve to win the match. Maybe I should not blog about that as it may warn the other opponents.

Meanwhile Xiang also lost his singles game to a NSW 2 player. He will have to see if he can win the plate.

Olivia, as usual the quiet achiever has won her singles game and progressed to the next stage.

Amos, has been ranked 2 and does not have to play till the afternoon.

One of the purpose of this blog is to allow future players and parents to understand what it is like to take part in a national competition. The blog recounts how the team prepares, how the team travels and organises itself while training and away from home.

It is a bit daunting for any first time parent taking part in one of these competitions. Luckily, WA hosted this event which has been taking place since 2005.

When I took part in last year's competition, we had to organise the food, the sleeping arrangements, the laundry and everything needed to keep the kids ready for the daily battles.

Coming back to the issue of ranking. The reasons for being ranked is to ensure that in the individual events, you get an easy  route to the finals. So the ranked players will always play the weaker players. If you are not ranked, you will have a harder route to the championship game facing more opponents.

Silvi managed an easy win against Cindy Cheung and progress to the 2nd round.

Tyzton and his partner Titus Tan had their 1st doubles game together against Sagar and Ewaldo from the regional team. There was quite a fight but they managed a 21-17 and 21-16 win to progress to the 2nd round.

Xiang had his doubles game with Edward and they also managed a 21-19 and 21-16 win.

Silvi meanwhile had teamed up with Sanoja from the Territories in their doubles game. They again had an easy win of 21-8 and 21-4.

Olivia also had a new partner called Chelsea who played for the regional team. They won their first doubles game together beating Stephanie Fan and Janice Ho. Tyzton then played his first doubles game with new partner Sanoja.

What happens usually is that the players find their own partners from their own state team. If they run out of partners from their state team, they will put down in their participation forms that they are looking for a doubles partner. The form says PR or partner required.  It then is luck of the draw as to who you get.

Tyz and Sanoja were able to beat Josh and Tessa from the regional team. This was their first mixed doubles together and luckily it was an easy game.

Titus partnered Silvi to win against John Taing and Tylah Bruhn from Victoria 2 in straight sets.

Tyzton had his 2nd  singles game aganst Eddie Luk from Victoria 2's team. Tyzton was unable to beat Eddie losing 21-12 and 21-19. This means he is out of the singles challenge. I could see his disappointment.

Quiet achiever Olivia won her 2nd game against Anamarie Barreto 21-6 and 21-3.

Amos played his 1st singles game as no. 2 seed. He easily won 21-6 amd 21-13.

Phing also played her 1st singles game against Janice Ho winning by a wide margin.

The next singles game for the WA players was between Jessica Lai and Silvi from NSW Storm. Silvi fought hard for 3 sets but lost.

Eunice then had her game against Nicolle Min from NSW Thunder winning 21-15 and 21-15.

Xiang won his plate event against Bowen Viravon at 21-5 and 21-6.

The No.1. doubles boys seed is actually Amos and Dennis. They had their 1st game against 2 regional players winning easily.

The difference between a state team and a regional team is that the regional teams are made  up of players who have missed out on selection to a state team.

Titus and Tyz had their 2nd doubles game against Eric Qi and John Taing, players from Victoria's No. 1 and 2 team.

They could not win losing 21-16 and 21-17.

Xiang and his doubles partner also lost to Matthew Chan and Austin Yu who are ranked as No. 2 doubles.

Silvi and Sanoja also lost their doubles game to Tifany Ho and Janet Son who are ranked 3/4.

Olivia and Chelsea also lost to Leeyen Khoo and Josephine Liu who are ranked 3/4.

Eunice and Phing who are ranked 2 easily beat Siobhan and Mandy Li.

Xiang and Olivia also lost their doubles game to Huadong Tang and Tiffany Ho who are ranked 5/8.

Amos and Phing who are ranked 5/8 also beat Tony Zhang and Ysabel easily.

Tyzton and Sanoja beat Sonny Li and Lily Rigg from Victoria 2. They now get to play Amos and Phing tomorrow. This should be interesting.

I will be sitting with Amos' mum and dad and cheering quietly.

Dennis and Eunice have also won their mixed doubles game against Clare Lo and William Liang from NSW Lightning.

Silvi and Titus remain in fighting by winning Gilbert Choi and Rebecca Li.

I was not able to view most of the games as I had to catch up on my office work.

Tomorrow I can only look forward to seeing how far Tyz can progress with his mixed doubles game.

I was hoping for more but know that there is still lots more training for him before we see his best.

Thanks to AiLing and Paul Kong , the coaches who turned up to advise the children. Their advice as always is invaluable.

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