Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday morning at Balcatta again

The team in their first team photo

Another Sunday morning, another day closer to the competition,

After spending the whole Saturday playing badminton, it was another early morning training on Sunday with the team coach.

This is probably the last week of training with Ailing before the competition. Plans are being finalised for the opening ceremony of the competition. Is the team ready? Can  they train too hard?

Will they injure themselves before the competition? Should we give the team a break from badminton?

So many questions. I am glad I am not a full time coach.  However, being a full time father to a state player is just as tough.

We were lucky to have Himanshu, Sean, Heer. Jazton, Caroline and Katherine provide matchplay for the Under 15s team today. A big thank you to them for waking up early on a Sunday for a good cause.

Here are some photos taken today.

Team Coach AiLing

Team manager, Steve Teo

Team Umpire, Annie Sim. This is Annie's 1st umpiring gig.

Team Captain, shy Phing.  This is her 3rd Under 15's championship. She was ranked joint 3rd last year.

Eunice. A quiet achiever.

Olivia. She was ranked 10th last year at her 1st Under 15s comp. She is now taller and hungrier.

Silvi. This is her 2nd Under 15s comp. Her experience should give her an advantage.

Our No. 1 boy player Amos is missing a picture cos he was too vain to have a picture taken after perspiring from his training.

Dennis. This is his 1st Under 15s comp and great things are expected of this quiet boy.

Xiang is taking part in his 1st Under 15s comp. He is the youngest and the shortest but one of the most experienced player for his age.

Tyzton. This is Tyz's 2nd Under 15s comp. He has grown much taller than when he took part last year.  Taller means better?

Himanshu and Sean. They are so fast, I could not get a good picture of them.

Heer and Katherine. Both are also from WA's State team.

Caroline and Katherine who both got bronze in the Under 19's this year.

The always supportive parents.

There will be more training tomorrow so, good night till I blog again.

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