Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 days till the start of the Under 15's National Championship

Dear readers, friends, parents, players and supporters,

7 days to the start of the competition. I can see the anxiety in the player's faces. There is even more anxiety in the parents' faces. With each passing week I can see the players improving .

On Monday, Tyz and Jaz trained with Paul Kong at Wesley.  It is great that Tyz has his brother training with him as they can push each other along. Paul was also training Eunice and Dennis at Wesley. The kids were able to play a few doubles matches against each other.

Wednesday was spent at the Next Generation Club with Paul again pushing Tyz and Jaz to the limit.

Thursday saw the family trouping to Balcatta for some training with Ailing and ChangJie. They are great coaches for footwork training. Which brought me to this question: How many parents actually turn up like Annie and myself to see their children training in any sport.

I mean, I cannot see my parents even paying the sort of money that Annie and I spend on the boy's training. We both did not come from rich families and sports is a luxury. So, even if my parents could afford to send me for badminton training , would both mum and dad always be there to see us training?

Give me your comments. By the way, any one can comment on this blog.  Just go to the bottom of the page and make your contribution. I would like to hear your comments and your experience as to whether your parents turned up every time to watch you train in any sport.

As usual Jaz, Tyz and myself went to Samson to play on Friday. I enjoy playing at Samson as the players there are very competitive yet friendly. Andrew and Gillian do a great job of allocating players their games.

Saturday morning was again spent at Wesley training with Paul. This Saturday, Paul and I arranged for quite a few players from the State team to turn up for training at matchplay.

Paul arranged for some good adult players to give the kids their matchplay experience.

We are all grateful to the following players who turned up on a Saturday morning to help the Under 15s team:

Ed Bitao and Gwen who came with their girls Sasha and Ashley, Tony, Donald, Ronald, Darren, Aaron, Chee Kang, Jimmy, Alfonsus and Andik.

The adult players gave all the Under 15s a good fight. Some adult players went down fighting. We will not mention names. They were all good sports for giving the Under 15s team a chance to learn from the adult's experience.

The best advice for all the team members from Paul Kong  is to stay fit and eat well.

The Under 15s team with their guest players and parents plus Paul Kong

Different perspective but same great players and supporters plus may have missed Tony's good side

After the matchplay training, the boys went for their tuition again before returning to play with the uncles and aunties at their usual Wesley Saturday games. We were joined by Titus Tan who is Tyzton's doubles partner for the individual event. Titus is playing for the regional team in the championship and we wish him and the regional team all their best.

Tomorrow, the family has to get to Balcatta for the state training. So I better sign off and go to bed. Goodnight.

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