Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday training at Balcatta with coach AiLing

Dear readers

Just after straining all their bodies on Saturday, the team was back for training at Balcatta.

This time, Ailing arranged for some strong players to give the team a challenge. We need to thank Mina from Iran, Kush and Alfonsos for coming in to challenge the team. Kush and Alfonsus teamed up to give the Under 15 boy's doubles teams a good match.

Meanwhile Mina from Iran was giving the mixed doubles team a run for their money. Mina has only recently migrated to Perth from Iran. I understand Iranians love their badminton too. She promises to be another up and coming badminton star in WA. She also played a few single games with Eunice despite not playing singles for a few years after a leg injury. She did well.

Meanwhile back to the team. Today's challenge was well received. The boys also played some single matches to build up their fortitute.

Unfortunately I forgot to take some pictures of the players training with the guest players.

However, here are some pictures taken for the day.

The president of BAWA Judy Cousins presenting the team uniforms to the State team.

Coach Ailing getting her uniform

This year the team uniform is sponsored by Lining. The uniforms were handed to the proud team players today. I still remember when I had to pay for the uniforms for Tyz and Jaz when they played in the Under 15s last year. It was expensive.

Thank god for sponsors. One note though, all the uniforms had to be placed in Victor bags as there was no Lining bags. I believe Andrew Chai and Victor are minor sponsors as we play with their shuttles.
The Badminton Association of WA is now looking at getting approval for donations to BAWA to be tax deductible. This is so that we can promote badminton to more juniors especially girls. Am waiting for Judy to revert with her game plan. Till the next blog, good night.

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