Sunday, September 2, 2012

Training on Father's Day

Dear friends and parents

Today was Father's day. That did not stop the team from training as hard as they are used to. We were grateful that John , Irma and Silvi came together to give the team a game. I always believe that the family that plays together stays together. Unfortunately my missus had to see the dentist with Jazton. We missed them at training.

Edward, Andik and Titus also helped out although it was Father's Day.

The fund raising has been going well.

We were given 1000 bottles of water from the Refresh Waters sponsorship which I signed for BAWA.

I have sold 500 bottles at $1 each to Henry and Frank Pua.

I have a pre order for another 20 cartons of 24 bottles each to a friend of YuLi Zheng.

Yuli was the coach for the Under 17s team this year. She was great to the players and treated the players like a mum.

I saw her on Tuesday and told her about how we only had 6 players in the team and having to pay $50 for court hire each Sunday with $10 for shuttles.

When I arrived at my office on Wednesday, there were 8 tubes of shuttles donated by Yuli. What a great lady. Hopefully she will volunteer to coach the Under 17s again next year.

We are nearly at the target of $5000 that I set. I might move the target again.

Phil and Tonia Leonard have received a donation of 200 hotdogs and rolls from the prison where Phil works. I just found out today that the rolls are specially made by the prisoners of Bandyup and Karnet. They are doing it for the Under 15s State team. What a great gesture by the prisoners.

Kim has agreed to send a certificate of appreciation from BAWA to the prisons.

We are getting help from everywhere.

Thanks need to go to Stave Farano of for his kind donation.

Thanks also to Matthew of   for their donation.

We also need to thank Jefta Afiat of JR Starlight Pty Ltd for his generous sponsorship.

Mdm Lim of G- link Australia Migration Services must also be thanked.

Jacquie Farrace has also been kind enough to support the team with a donation.

The family had a great Father's Day at home. We are looking forward to the Silver Cup tournament. Good night.

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