Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sponsors coming in with funds

Dear friends, parents and players

It has been a good week. The sponsors have been great.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I managed to get Henry Heng the CEO of Refresh Pure Waters to be a Gold Sponsor for BAWA. Refresh Waters have agreed to donate 6000 bottles of water to BAWA.

Henry's business website is

Henry is also running for the Upper House of WA's Senate. Info regarding his campaign can be found at

Good luck to his campaign.
I have persuaded BAWA to allow the Under 15s to sell some of the bottles and to keep the proceeds for their Caloundra trip.

With that assurance, the Pua brothers have agreed to buy $500 worth of the bottles as soon as I can deliver the bottles. The Pua brothers have always supported me through all my fund raising activities.

Badri Gosavi, the owner of Two Fat Indians Restaurant has also signed up as a Bronze sponsor with BAWA.  BAWA has agreed that the funds will go to the Under 15s so we are all grateful. His business website is at

Jeff Miles , my business mentor has also been a great sponsor as usual. He is another person I call on whenever I fund raise and he never fails. His website is at

Gwen and Eduard who are my badminton buddies have also got the What Scratch Group to sponsor the team. Their website is at

Gertie Chong and her daughter were at my office on Friday and on hearing of the team's financial plight, they had no hesitation in donating to their cause.

Friends like Patsy , Albinus and Juny Jong have also kindly donated funds to the team.

I am also waiting for confirmation of funds from one of my client who is the CEO of the MUI Group in Malaysia. I should be able to finalise the sponsorship soon.

So it has been hard but rewarding work getting funds for the team.

I got the players to send thank you emails to the sponsors. There is nothing more important than saying thank you.

I did tell you that the blog will be different this time as I am writing from a Manager's perspective.

The players had a good training session again this Sunday.

Kay Terry and Silvi.

Tyz and Heer v John and Titus

Sophie getting extra training from Mark and Jaz
Sophie and Olivia v Kay and Gwen

Tyz in full flight

The equally graceful Olivia.

The players warming down

Thanks to the volunteers

We are lucky to have players like Kay Terry and John Botha help the team. Kay was the Australian Singles, Doubles and Mixed Champion for years. John also played at international level.

Mark , Titus, Silvi , Jaz, Ed and Gwen were also great in helping out. 

At the end of the training, the players did their first team cheer and huddle. The future looks and sounds good. Good night.

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