Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd training session at Duncraig


Dear parents

It was another good training session today. Unfortunately Olivia was not well enough to join us. However, we were pleased to welcome Heer to the team today.

We were lucky to have with us today, our BAWA President Judith Cousin. Kay Terry , my manager mentor also helped out today. The young players have so much to learn from these experienced players and we are grateful for their time.

Jazton, my son was also good enough to get out of bed early on a Sunday to help the team and his younger brother out again.

I have a new challenge for this team as Heer is vegetarian. My boys are meat eaters so cooking vegetarian is not something I am familiar with. Heer's grandmother did offer to travel with us so that she can cook for the team and her grandson. Where am I going to get the funding for that?

Funding remains a very live issue for the team.

We even have problems getting new shuttles for the team. Here's a picture of  Phil and Annie sorting out the good shuttles from the bad and recycling as much as we can.

Phil and Annie sorting out shuttles

Last Friday, I was able to speak to Andrew and Gillian Chai from Samson Victor Badminton Club where my boys play every Friday. They were kind enough to donate some old and new shuttles to us. Andrew and Gillian have always been supportive of the boys. In fact, they have sold more chocs to their club members for the boys than any other body else.

The fact that there are only 6 players in the team makes it so much harder to fund raise.

I have been working hard to get sponsors for BAWA and at this stage may be able to sign up Refresh Waters as a major sponsor. Refresh Waters is a public company and I know the CEO Henry Heng well enough to be able to speak to him direct regarding sponsorship.

Their website is at

Hopefully , once the first sponsor is signed up, others will follow.

For the moment, we can only rely on BAWA and the player's parents and friends for support.

It was pleasing to see Heer's grandmother turn up today to support her grandson. So we had 3 generations together today in the name of badminton.

The players with some parents and 1 grandmum. Kay and Judy are also in the picture.

The players going through their routines
Kim giving advice

After the training, the family went for our usual chicken rice lunch at Ten Ten Restaurant. Tyzton had a special training session with Nick Kidd while Jaz and I returned home.

While waiting for Tyz to return from training, Jaz and I watched The Hunger Games. I do not know whether I agree with children watching the film or reading the book as the story line was more than violent.

I am glad we live in a society where we only play for medals and honour. Oh by the way, in the Hunger Games, they also needed sponsors.

So here I am readers, any assistance with fund raising will be greatly appreciated. Good night.

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