Sunday, September 9, 2012

23 more days till the competition

Dear players and parents

I just checked and it is another 23 days before the competition.

The players have been training hard.

I have been working hard to get as much funds in as possible.

Latest thanks have to go to Brian Nugawela, a good friend and fellow lawyer. Brian is another lawyer who always can be counted on whenever I need help with fund raising or legal advice as a specialist counsel.

The promised funds from the MUI Group from Malaysia has also come in and that is a big sponsorship. Thanks to Tan Sri Dato Khoo for making that sponsorship deal as a Bronze sponsor for BAWA.

The MUI group website is at

We are also grateful to Judith for donating a basket of goodies for a raffle at the Silver Cup.

The stand out story of the things we have to go through to get sponsors must go to Andrew Chai from Victor Sports and the Samson Badminton Club.

He was invited by myself to take part in a golf competition at the Vines Golf Resort. The night before the competition he SMSs me to say he wanted to pull out as he knew the weather would not be great.

His question was "will I look bad?"

My responsive SMS to him was "we are men". He had no choice but to turn up to preserve his reputation and manhood.

We did play that day and I can tell you, the weather was horrendous and I have never felt so cold and wet while playing golf. The rain was coming side ways but we fought on.

Andrew then got to a Par 3 and hit the ball nearest to the pin winning him a $500 voucher at a shop in Chinatown that sells all sorts of products.

He ended up getting amongst other goodies, 2 x 100% wool blankets. He has given them to us for auctioning. This should be interesting.

I can try and convert anything to cash for the players.

It will also be interesting to see how we convert the prison hotdogs to cash at the Silver Cup tournament.

Anyway, we have to also thank Edward, Trevor, Gwen, Titus, Chris and Tiffany for turning up today to give the players a game. These volunteers are great for getting the best out of the training for the players.

Judith has also agreed to sponsor the first Presidents Junior Cup on 23 Sept 2012 which is the last week before we leave for Caloundra.

The concept of "Ask and you shall receive" resonates in my life beliefs. The President's Cup is usually organised as a final training competition before the senior team leave for their Nationals. The Juniors have never had such a competition before. It is run on the same format as the Nationals team events.

I asked Paul Kong who is Tyzton's personal coach at Wesley to help organise a game for the players and he agreed.

I then asked if Judith would honour us with her presence as President of BAWA and she agreed. In fact she said she would get a trophy just for the first President's Junior Cup.

Not to stop there, I realised I needed help as I had never organised a competition on the Nationals format before. An email was sent to Kelly Hoare and Kay Terry for help. They had no hesitation in saying yes. These ladies are the backbone of BAWA and we really need to be thankful for the work they do.

Gwen and Tiffany

Ed and Chris

Titus and Tyz in face making mode

Titus and Trevor v Tyz and Xiang

The volunteers and players

At the end of the training session, Annie went through with the players their rights regarding the rules of badminton.

Our umpire going through the rules.

I can see the difference in the players' confidence as they train and get closer to the competition. The future looks bright as all of the players have been putting everything they have into their training. Good night.

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