Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Silver Cup tournament

Dear friends and readers

The team has been playing at the WA Silver Cup which is a tournament for doubles only.

As usual it is a 2 day event and some of the parents took the oppurtunity to fundraise.

We were thankful for the Leonard family organising the sausage sizzle. The sausages were donated by Karnet Prison and the bread rolls were freshly baked that day by the prisoners of  Bandyup Prison. Even the sauces, napkins etc were donated by another prison.

The Leonards have been great in assisting with fund raising and support for their daughter's participation in the team. This is Sophie's first state team representation and she is so lucky to have the support of her whole family including her sis Tiana and her boyfriend Ben. They took a morning off to help with the sausage sizzle.

Tiana, Ben, Phil and Tonia at the sausage sizzzle

They made more than $500 from selling sausages and drinks for the 2 days.

Xiang's dad, Tong giving a helping hand
We depend so much on the parents to help fund raise. Heer's dad who owns a Cheese cake shop donated a couple of cakes for the coffee stand which was manned by Annie.

We also were lucky to get some cakes donated by Lucy Yau. She has always been a great help as her sons also play badminton. Corrina who is Annie's club member also donated some cakes which were well received.

Andrew Chai from the Samson Victor Baddie Club also spent the afternoon coercing every passer by into buying raffle tickets for the wool blanket he donated.

It has been a good fund raising 2 days as we raised nearly $800.  That should cover the petrol cost for the trip.

We also received a donation from Kim Goh who owns a post office at Applecross.

The team did well. Alex and Olivia won the B division ladies doubles. Sophie won the C division ladies doubles. Tyz and Alex were runner up in the B division mixed doubles.

I also took part in the competition but could only manage a semi final game in the C division men's doubles.

After most of the games had been completed, I got some players to challenge the team. We were lucky to organise some good matches.

Next week will be the inaugural Junior President's Cup tournament. The players are getting as much training as possible and should be reaching their peak just in time for the tournament.

It is just another 16 days. Are they ready? I do not know if I am ready. There is still so much to do.

As mentioned previously in the blog, this blog is different as it also contains a manager's perspective.

I am already in discussion with Kay Terry regarding her fund raising for the Under 17s which is in March next year. It never seems to stop. Good night.

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