Monday, September 24, 2012

Last training session and the President's Cup

Dear readers

Last Sunday morning was the last training session for the State team. It has been great seeing how the players have improved weekly in confidence.

The team has been so lucky to have had volunteers every week to help them improve.

Special mention goes to John and Silvi Botha. Titus has been another regular. Sometimes it feels like it is the Under 17s training session as Silvi and Titus will probably be in the Under 17s team.

Gwen and Ed Bitao have also been great in giving the players a challenge on Sunday mornings.

Last Sunday, we were also lucky to have Ryan Lin turn up. Ryan is studying his Masters and Sports Science and is doing a thesis on badminton.

Ryan and Ed v Xiang and Tyz

John and Titus v Sophie and Heer

The team and volunteers

After the last training session, we had to bring the team to South Perth for the President's Cup Challenge at Wesley College.

The players were treated to a healthy Subway lunch at the South Perth foreshore.

Healthy lunch at the river front

The team at South Perth with the city backdrop.
After lunch, it was down to Wesley College for the President's Cup Challenge.  Paul Kong was already at Wesley waiting for his players.

The President's team comprise of Dennis Zhao, Aaron Tiong, and Andrew. The girls were led by Eunice Lee, Gen Low and Mika Lee.

As mentioned, this is the first Junior President's Cup. We were graced with Judith's presence. Kay was also kind enough to assist.

Infact, we were pleased that the players were honoured with the attendance of Himanshu and Kelly Hoare representing BAWA. Even Yuli Zheng turned up to have a view of the players' standard as some of the players will be in the Under 17's team which she will coach.

Andrew and Gillian Chai arrived with some desserts and  shuttles which came in handy.

The teams squaring up to each other

The teams with supporters and the President

Eunice v Olivia

Tyz v Dennis
Xiang v Aaron

Xiang and Tyz v Aaron and Dennis

Andrew and Mika v Heer and Sophie

Alex and Tyz v Dennis and Eunice
Gen and Aaron
Xiang and Olivia
The games were hard fought all the way by the challengers and the State team.

There were 11 matches played in total and the State team managed to win 9 of the matches winning them the President's Cup.

Standout games were the following games:

Dennis and Tyz had a 3 setter with Tyzton taking the first set after trailing 16 - 8. He lost the 2nd set but fought back to win the final set.

Heer's game against Andrew was also another 3 setter which finally saw Andrew winning at 27/25 on the 3rd set. Both boys played their hearts out without giving an inch.

Tyzton and Xiang won the first set against  Dennis and Aaron. They got to 29/27. What a thriller. They won the 2nd set at 21/19.

The State girls had an easier run.

All the players should be proud of their effort.

The winning team with the Cup

We have to thank Kim Rodgers for getting the team ready for the journey to Caloundra.

I am sure all the players are excited about the competition. They have all trained hard and we wish them the best.

Good night.

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