Monday, September 18, 2017

The 2017 Under 15s WA State team

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The Under 15s 2017 state team is preparing for the Nationals commencing next week.

I have not been blogging much about them as there was not much to blog. One of the players has been training in Indonesia. Another has been training in Malaysia.

Hence, the team has not been a team for the last 2 months. However, I know that Yuli is the coach and my wife Annie Sim is the manager. Yuli has been coaching the team as well as she can without the full team.  Our BAWA president, Lily has been appointed as the team Umpire.  Good on her.

So who else are in the team?

Here they are. There are 2 teams as we have so many outstanding juniors:

2017 (Perth, WA)

WA Wasps:
Jonny Kok
Theodore Kang
Julian Lee
Bernice Teoh
Joanne Zheng
Vevina Yang

Coach: Yuli Zheng
Manager: Annie Sim
Umpire: President Lily Buttrose

There is a 2nd team
WA Scorpions:
Damien Wan
Dawson Lawrence
Timothy Sentosa
Radhika Swain
Shakthi Angusamy
Cindy Lawrence

Coach: Nick Kidd
Manager : Surya Santoso

Bearing in mind, the nationals will be in Perth, it is good that we have 2 teams. The first team will fight for gold. The 2nd team will be close behind to see if they can get a medal.

Last Sunday, we had the President's Cup.

The President's team were made up of:

Angie Yang
Amanda Soh
Alicia Xu
Katrina Garing
Hong Yung
Jason Lee

The games were played at Samson. The President's cup is a tournament organised before the team leaves for the nationals. It used to be ONLY for the Under 17s and Under 19s state team, When I was the manager in 2012, I asked the BAWA president Judith to organise a President's Cup for the Under 15s and she obliged. Hence, we have had a Under 15s President's Cup since 2012.

This year, the President's team, won after close fights.

The President's team lost most of the singles matches but redeemed themselves in the doubles and mixed. However, the Under 15s team could not stop the efforts of the President's team and conceded defeat. This experience will help the Under 15s team when they meet their opponents next week, Good luck.

The President's team
The Under 15s team

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