Saturday, September 7, 2013

Time is running out before the competition

Dear friends

Another Saturday with the team training hard. The tournament is getting closer. I wonder if the players are ready. Under the guidance of Eric the coach, they have been making improvements in leaps and bounds.

As usual the parents have been so supportive.

The Bradfords from Bunbury

Louise has been training hard to prove herself and her selection to her first state team. Her mum Suzanne has sent her good wishes to her all the way from Bunbury every week.

The Nichols family from the PhilippinesThe Nichols family recently migrated to Perth. They have proved an asset to WA's badminton scene. Elder sister Julia was in the Under 17s team this year. Geri May will be trying to do her best and may well get ranked if she fights hard.

The Teohs from Malaysia, Penang. Sok Teoh is badminton crazy. (Maybe worse than I am). Elder brother Kai Jieh was also in this year's Under 17s team.   Kai Chen is one of the keenest badminton player I have seen for his age group. We look forward to him excelling in the nationals.
The Lins from China. Xiang has been playing badminton since he was a a toddler. He was ranked 3rd last year in the Under 15s. There is great hope that he will do even better this year in his 3rd and last Under 15s tournament. His parents Tung and Wendy have always given him full support and he needs to be totally grateful to them for all they have sacrificed.
The  Wans from Malaysia. The Wans as far as I can see, is a very close knit family. Mum and dad adore their daughters and son. Yes, there is a daughter missing in the photo. They are another badminton mad family. Although very young and in her first ever state team, Daphne has great potential. Younger brother Damien will also feature in future State teams, I am sure.

Missing photo of Jasper's family? Jasper is also Malaysian. I need to get a photo of the family next week when he goes for the high performance training. Jasper is a great doubles player and will, I am sure,  do WA proud in the tournament.

The coach with Tyz and Damian

I have to remind the manager that he needs to organise the President's Cup challenge. The 2012 Under 15s team had the first President Cup challenge last year with President Judith getting a brand new trophy for the challenge. 

Till I blog again good night.

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