Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Last weekend training

Dear readers

The Under 15 squad has just finished their last weekend training.

The next time the team meets, they will be facing the President's Select team in the President's Cup.

This will be held next Wednesday night at Langford Recreation Centre. The President's Cup is traditionally the last competition before the team departs for the National tournament. The first Under 15s President's Cup was organised last year with a special trophy donated by our President.

The event is held and organised like the National tournament so that it gives the players a taste of the event. Last year's tournament was won by the Under 15s team after a strong challenge by the President's selected team.

The team is as ready as they can be.

Annie gave the players a quick run down on the rules and how they need to be aware of their rights when on court.

Annie giving the players a talk on the rules

It was great to see the Wans with the whole family in attendance. I always believe that the family that plays together will stay together.

I just found out Damien Wan who is about 10 has been training with the Under 15s team at Langley every week. He is getting a head start to his Under 15s campaign.

The team has their first team chant today. They need to do a bit of work to improve it.

The team chant and huddle

It should be an interesting President's Cup next Wednesday. After that, the team will be playing in the Silver Cup comp. I was speaking to Sok Teoh. He has been doing well with his fundraising. Good luck to him in his fundraising.

Daphne's mum has been getting tips on kitchen duties when the team gets to the tournament.

Good night.

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