Thursday, September 26, 2013

The team leaves for Sydney

Dear friends

The team has left for Sydney today. They must be so excited. This is the first time I am not at the airport for the Under 15s team for the last 3 years. I must say I miss the excitement. Anyway, I have the Under 17s team to deal with.

The players' parents have been great in fundraising. I can see a very cohesive team with very supportive parents.

The parents at fundraising during the Silver Cup comp

Tung, Xiang's dad as chef
I am sure the players were excited to be flying off. By the time I have blogged, they would have landed in Sydney and have settled into their apartments and beds.

Guess Virginia Wan will be doing her first cooking session tonight.

Here are some photos from the airport.

Family and team at the airport

The team with Virginia (Chaperone/cook/driver/laundry lady)

The Teohs

The Bradfords
The ever supportive Wans. Did big sister skip school just to farewell little sister
Xiang with mum Wendy on yet another trip
The Tans or it it the other Tans

I asked Sok Teoh for some photos of what their accommodation looks like.

I think the accommodation looks great. The main requirement is a good kitchen.

Well, they have to settle down and get ready for the task at hand which starts on Saturday. Good luck to the players.


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