Sunday, September 18, 2011

Extra Saturday training with Paul Kong at Wesley College

Dear readers,

Friday was spent with my 2 boys playing badminton at Samson which is the club operated by Andrew Chai.

The boys got quite a few games and I was especially pleased that Tyzton and Xiang were able to pair up to beat most of the adult players.

I guess I did not do too badly too as I won most of my games.

On Saturday morning, it was back to Wesley College for a special training organised by Paul Kong for his students namely Amos, Dennis, Eunice and Tyzton. Paul arranged for some Div B and A players to give his students some extra training. For this weekend, Xiang was also invited to make up the numbers.

We are thankful to Donald, Tony, Alex and Michael for giving the players some match experience. I am thankful for Paul Kong taking such an interest in his students. All he asks for is coffee and some dessert and he is happy:). After the training from 10 - 12 , it was time for the kid's maths tuition before returning to Wesley for their afternoon games with the uncles. Yes, the kids grew up playing badminton with their uncles and aunties namely Al, Ed, Irawan, Gwen and all the other uncles who have since lost to the boys.

Tony and Donald playing against Dennis and Eunice

Tyz playing a singles game against Donald

Amos and Jaz playing against Michael and Alex

Paul closely watching his players to make sure the adults stay in line.

Special mention must be made of the mums who help out.  They have made it an art of making sure the floors are not slippery.

TouKrei and Xiang's mum Wendy cleaning the floors.


Annie, my wife, checking out the floors. They say in China, this is the first step to a badminton scholarship.

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  1. Well done all the moms for taking the first step to badminton scholarships. We all have potential to be state/national players. Go moms.
    Margaret :D