Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The 2019 Under 15s state teams

Dear readers

The Val Nesbitt Championship is underway at Calamvale, Queensland.

This year, we are sending 2 teams.

The teams are:

WA Wasps:
Terrence Kok
Wei Yann Kuan
Timothy Sentosa
Cindy Lawrence
Seryna Xiao
Joanne Zheng
Coach: Nick Kidd
Manager: Suryawati
Umpire: Kim Rodgers
WA Scorpions:
Dion Binod
Zhen Dian Eing
Micheal Wang
Chloe Han
Marlynn Leo
Anna Zheng

Coach: Ryan Lin
Manager: David Chadderton

A few of the players are already veterans having played in a few state teams. They include Timothy,  Cindy and Joanne.
The others are new to state teams and it will be an interesting adventure for them. We wish them the best.
Last year's team came in 4th after a heartbreaking loss to S Australia.
Hopefully this year, they have better luck. We know they have been training hard and are ready to give their best.
Good luck to all.

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