Thursday, October 3, 2019

First day of individual events

Dear readers

Now that the team events are over, the players fight for personal glory.

A few of the WA players are expected to progress far.

Their bodies must be sore, but I am sure their spirits are high after winning silver for the WAsps. The junior Scorpion teams must also be proud of their final ranking.

Boys singles

Samuel Shields had to go to the plate after losing to Gary Chau.

Likewise Dion Binod after facing 5th seed D Batra.

Mike Wang had a better run, beating E Sam in 3 sets. However, he was defeated by Mike Chang.

Tyson Ugle also goes to the plate after losing to Ryan Lei. Likewise Wei Y Kuan.

Timothy is seeded 3 and is doing well. He beat K Dai in 2 sets. He then beat Adam Ooi also in 2 sets. He faces Jie Y Chan tomorrow.

Terrence Kok had a victory over Michael Su who is seeded 8. His run ended after losing to Jordan Yang.

Lachland Mcdonald goes to the plate after losing to Asher Ooi who is ranked no. 1.

Girls singles

Joanne is seeded 1. She has progressed well beating Victoria T, and Crystal Russell easily. She meets Yee Yuan Lim in the qtrs.

Chloe Han goes to the plate after losing to V Li.

Young Seryna had a better run. She beat G Anderson before losing to M Wijaya in 2 sets. She will be the star to watch when she is 14 years at the Under 15s.

Marilynn Leo also goes to the plate after losing to S Tjonadi. Likewise young Anna Zheng.

Cindy won her match against D Phillip in 2 sets before losing to J Lam.

Mixed doubles

Samuel and R Ugle goes to the plate after losing in 2 sets to M Su and V Tjonadi.

Terrence and Seryna beat C Johnson and D Xiao before losing to G Chau and YY Lim.

Dion and M Leo go to the plate too.

W Y Kuan has teamed up with Raven Nugroho. He also goes to the plate. Likewise Chloe Han and M Wang.

Lachland teamed up with T Teoh from NSW. They also go to the plate. Likewise Tyson Ugle and M Kelly.

Cindy has paired with Allen Fang of NSW.  They have done well and meet Jordan Y and A Nguyen tomorrow.

Anna and Zhen D Eing also go to the plate.

Timothy and Joanne are seeded 2 and they have an easy run. They will meet F Zhao and C Tan tomorrow.

Boys doubles

Timothy and Asher Ooi of NSW are seeded 1.

They had an easy run and will face Landon K and Mike Su tomorrow.

Zhen D Eng and Mike Wang go to the plate.

Terrence and W Y Yuan have a better run and they are in the qtrs against Jordan Yang and F Zhao tomorrow.

Lachland also goes to the plate after losing to S Shields and T Ugle.

Girls doubles

Joanne is paired with S Tjonadi and are seeded 1. They had an easy run and will meet M Leo and Seryna and M Leo in the qtrs tomorrow.

Chloe and Anna had to meet Cindy and M Wijaya. Cindy and M Wijaya are seeded 3 and they proceed to the qtrs to meet Serena L and A Nguyen.

My expectation is that WA may be in the finals with players in the boys and girls singles.

WA will also have players in the Mixed, boys and girls doubles finals. Good luck to the players.

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