Friday, October 4, 2019

2nd day of individuals

Dear readers

Timothy is progressing well in the Under 15s. He has beaten rival Asher Ooi in 2 sets.

He is now headed for a finals match against Gary Chau of Vic. Gary was playing as BS2 in the team event when he beat Terrence Kok in 2 sets. Gary also lost to Jie Ying Chan of NSW 2 in the team event.

Timothy has a good chance to get gold in the singles.

He is also teamed up with Asher in the boys doubles. He will meet Jordan Yang and F Zhao.

Timothy is also in the finals with Joanne in the mixed doubles. They face Asher and S Tjonadi.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that he might get a triple crown just like Xiang Lin.

Joanne fought a 3 setter against Y Y Lim and could not get to the semis in the singles.

Likewise Cindy could  not get past the qtrs. in the mixed doubles and the singles.

Joanne and S Tjonadi will face D Nugroho and C Tan in the finals tomorrow for the girls doubles.

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