Thursday, September 8, 2016

The 2016 Under 15s team

Dear readers

The Under 15s are going to Northern Territory for the 2016 Val Nesbitt Tournament from 30 Sept to 5th Oct.

The team comprises of :

Nick Kidd  Coach.
Ian Bridge Manager

Boys: Johnny Kok, Jacky Zheng, Theodore Kang
Girls: Berniece Teoh, Alicia Xu and Anjali Bhujun.

All the boys are in their first state team. Good luck to them.

Alicia has been in several older state teams. This is her final year in the Under 15s.

Berniece and Anjali are in their first state team. I am sure they will be in many more.

Nick has been a a coach for many years in WA. This is his first Under 15 team. Ian has managed the team last year and his experience will smooth all that needs to be done.

This is quite a well balanced team and hopefully they will do well.