Sunday, September 14, 2014

Presentation of the team and the Silver Cup

Dear readers

There has not been much update on the blog as Sok Teoh has not been feeding me news. Just spoke to him today after the Silver Cup tournament.

Apparently the fund raising did not go as well as they thought because they did not bring any pots and pans to cook. Put that down to experience mate. You will not forget the next time.

The wechat had been running hot with discussions about the kitchen fundraising. I hope they made some money for their efforts. The kitchen fundraising event is a great way for the parents to get to know each other. After all, the players form a team, the parents also need to form a bond and be a great team to fundraise and support the players.

The No.1 Team

Team No. 2

Div 3 Runners Up Katie and Erin Els

Div 1 WD Runners Up Louise (Jolin Chua missing)

Mix Doubles DIV 1: Bella and KC Runners Up
Players with their catch

I believe the winners included Kai Chen and Belcher 4th place in Div 1.

Bella and Gerimay 3rd place in Div 1.

Div 2 XD Milain and Gerimay.

Div 3 XD Jason and Katie.

The players have done well. Some of them are winning in D 1 which is very impressive bearing in mind they are only playing in the Under 15s tournament next month.

Div 1, 2 and 3 is for playing against adults.

Some of the players are shouldering some great pressures as there is high expectations that this WA teams will do very well. We need to wish them the best of luck.

The No.1 team has been drawn to play against Vic 1, NSW 2 , Tas and Territories.

Team 2 has been drawn to play NSW 1, Vic 2 , SA , QLD and NSW 3.

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