Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sponsorship drive

Dear friends and readers

Most of the players and parents have been working hard to fund raise for the teams.

As usual chocolates are being sold by the players. Quite a bit of water supplied by Refresh Water of http://www.refreshpurewater.com.au/ has been sold by the parents.

I have just been informed that Sok Teoh has managed to get RSM Bird Cameron to sponsor a sum of $500 for the state team. I believe the funding is from the Perth branch of RSM Bird Cameron which can be found at http://www.rsmi.com.au/contact_us/western_australia.html,c=y

I just received  the latest photos of the the State teams.

The 2 WA Team players minus coaches and managers

The full No. 2 WA team
I am not sure how the 2 different teams are faring in their fund raising efforts. There is still lots to do so that the parents do not have to dip into their own pockets. I have been there before and know how hard it is to raise funds for the team.

Good luck guys.

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