Friday, September 19, 2014

President's Cup 2014

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It was a long day today for the players.

This was the 4th time the Junior teams have had a President's Cup. The President's Cup was started in 2012 when I first approached Judith, the then President to organise a Cup challenge for the Junior teams. The President's Cup was formerly only for the Senior teams. There was no reason why the Junior team could not have one too. I asked Judith and she happily agreed and hence we have a Junior cup donated by Judith.

It is traditionally the last warm up games before the state team departs for the National tournament.

Traditionally, the going away state team have won the cup as the players invited to represent the President are usually not as strong as the going away State so as to boost the confidence of the going away teams.

However this year, it was decided that the State team will challenge stronger and older players so that they get even more experience before departing for the nationals.

The President's team comprised of Andrew Belcher, veteran of several state teams as captain. We also had Daryl, Xiang and Tyzton who have all played in numerous state campaigns and also played for the Australian Junior teams.

Crystal, Olivia and Julia also helped form the team. They are also veterans having played in the Under 15s, 17s and 19s team and won medals.

We had newcomer Ryan who is just under 13 and making his mark in WA after just migrating a few mths ago from Singapore. There was also new comer to the badminton scene Vondie.

The President's team faced some strong competition from the younger state team players.

Many of the games went to 3 sets showing how competitive the state team young players are.

The state teams went down fighting  at 5/14 matches.

Many of the state team players will learn much from this cup fight. They will carry that experience through to the nationals and that experience may just tip the scales to enable them to go even further in their fight for gold.

The coaches and managers for both State teams did a great job in coaching the best out of their young team.

The players were thankful for the support of their parents. Lunch was provided by the parents and was greatly appreciated by all after the long morning.

We have to thank Judith for attending on behalf of Bruce Napier the president who was away. Her words of wisdom and encouragement will lead the way for the young players.

We wish the players good luck for their journey to Tasmania.

I forgot to warn the players to wear knee guards in case they feel like diving on the courts. The Tasmania courts have hard gravel surface. Have a look at 

for photos of Tyz's and Amos' battle wounds after losing to the courts floors.

Good luck team and remember to be sporting and to give everything you have for the state. Make your parents proud. For many of the players entering their first campaign  for WA, this is an experience they will carry through to their adulthood. That experience will teach them determination, courage, humility, joy, sadness, exuberation and many other feelings. They will have to thank their parents for supporting them on this journey and they will have to make their parents proud. Good luck guys and girls. Go Go Go WA.


The President's Cup winners

Guilty looking Xiang after he did something to the air

Judith addressing the players

Lunch provided by the supportive parents with Ruohe (SunYee's mum) taking charge of presenting the spread. She will be doing most of the cooking at the tournament for the No. 1 team. Good luck to her, been there , done that. 

Captain and big eater Kai Chen

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