Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Under 15's WA Badminton team 2012

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This is a new year for the Under 15s blog. I have been busy this year with the Under 17's blog when my 2 sons went to play for WA at Tasmania. You can read the blog at http://badmintonwaunder17s.blogspot.com.au/

Tan and Tan Lawyers were also the sponsors for the Li Ning and Tan and Tan Lawyers Australian Junior Under 19s International. Visit http://ausjuniorinternationalbadminton.blogspot.com.au/ to read how the Australian players performed on the international stage.

Yes, the Tan family seems to be getting more and more engrossed in badminton.

I am pleased to say that my wife Annie Sim is now a member of the Board for the  Badminton Association of Western Australia.

Which brings us to the Under 15's State team for 2012. My son Tyzton Tan has nominated for the team.

The other nominees are :

Ying Xiang Ling
Edward Fan
Matthew Teo
Ee Kiat Beh
Heer Gudkha
Mihil Gohil
Keith Acosta

For the girls we have Olivia Fianita, Alexandra Phan and Sophie Leonard.

The selectors are Donna De Witt, Mark Duxbury and Kim Rodgers.

Kim is also the coach while Mark is the Umpire.

I have nominated to be the manager and was surprised to be accepted as I have never been a manager before.

The competition is taking place at Caloundra in Queensland from the 2nd October to the 7th October.

So this time, for the blog you will also be reading the manager's perspective of the event.

The selectors are selecting 3 boys and 3 girls. That means the girls have walked into the team. However I am sure these girls will do us proud.

Alex and Olivia took part in their first Under 15s tournament with my sons Tyzton and Jazton in 2010. Edward Fan was also in that 2010 team. I have seen how these players have grown and improved since. They came 4th that year despite being inexperienced and disadvantaged age and height wise.

Alex recently represented WA in the Under 17's Nationals and she did us proud by winning most of her games playing against much older girls. She should do well playing against players of her age group.

Last year, Olivia and Tyzton were in the history making team that won bronze for WA in the Under 15's team.

Edward and Heer also made history by winning the gold in the Regional competition last year representing Future Stars.

Matthew , Ee Kiat and Mihil have also experienced competition at regional levels when they played for the Western Eagles last year.

The only players who have not seen competition at national level are Sophie and Keith. However, both have been training hard and are determined to prove themselves. Good luck to both of them.

The trials commenced last week and the standard of play has been good as expected. WA can rest assured that there will be other players who can capably represent WA next year even if they are not selected this year.

Right now, my focus is on fund raising. I got 30 boxes of chocolates for the players so that they can fund raise. It is hard work but it needs to be done or the parents have to dig deeper into their pockets.

I was thinking of hitting on my clients to see if they would sponsor the team. However my wife reminded me that I have already asked my clients and friends to donate to Tyzton's Shave for a Cure and my CEO Sleepout this year.

I need to brain storm to see how to raise more funds. Got to sleep now.

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