Sunday, July 29, 2012

The WA team is selected

Dear friends and readers

The WA team was announced last week. There will be some disappointed boys as the Board of BAWA had to select only 3 boys out of 8 boys that nominated.

All the nominees should be proud that they gave their best during the selection process.  

Their parents should also be proud of what their sons have done during the selection process. I never saw any of the boys give up at any time. WA can be assured that next year's Under 15s team will continue to be well represented.

I have been watching the 2012 Olympics coverage but am quite disappointed that badminton does not seem to get any coverage at all. Maybe I should get Foxtel.

Was searching the net for some info on the 2012 Olympics for badminton and found this tear jerker of a video on You Tube regarding Lin Dan and his mum and his Olympic journey.

To all the mums and what they do for their children. What happened to the fathers?

The team training starts next week. Here's to hard work.

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