Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Individual events, Day 1

It has started. The individual events which shows the ranking of each player in Australia.

The day started with me putting some chinese cupping on my son's leg. A picture will follow soon. Chinese cupping is the traditional method of using suction cups to relieve muscles and pain. I graduated from the Beijing Chinese Specialist Cupping University after an intensive 1 day internet course.

Cupping time

Breakfast followed the cupping and it was also a traditional chinese porridge breakfast. Yes, we are ready for the Individual Events.

The 1st game was played by Titus in the Boys Singles.Unfortunately, he was not able to play well enough to progress after losing 2 sets. He was most upset but at least has the Plate to look forward to. Edmund also was not able to progress after playing a 3 setter.   He might meet Edward in the Plate event.

Likewise Edward was denied entry to the next level after losing 2 sets.

Jazton survived a 3 setter although his knee was still hurting. It was a close call.

In the doubles events Titus and Tyzton easily wandered into the 2nd level after a 2  set victory.

In the 2nd doubles, Edmund and Jazton won the first set but lost the 2nd set. The 3rd set was won after some close calls.

Phing and Alexandra also had an easy entry to the next evel after winning 2 sets.

Edward  and new beau Josephine are still playing their doubles mixed game. Josephine is a young pretty lass from Northern Territory. They looked quite a cute pair. In confidence, and maybe I should not have blogged this, he was asking tips from Uncle Ray the Player, (that's what they call me, where did they get the idea from?) how to chat up Josephine.

I told him, just ask for her phone number so you can discuss tactics for the game. He told me quizically, but I do not have a phone! Hey man, I can only do so much.

More reporting will come through the day so keep tuned.

Coming back to the blog, I am pleased to say that Edward and Jo progressed to the next stage.

Phing easily won her single's game.

My son Jazton put his mum and I through the coals again by playing a 3 setter. The final score was too close for comfort but Jaz won. He is now in the quarters. This kid must surely know his mum is on high blood pressure medication and does not need all these stress.

Jaz and Tyz playing different singles games side by side.

Olivia  played her 1st singles game late in the morning. She lost the 1st set as this was her 1st game for the day having sat around for 2 hrs. She survived the 2nd set after her opponent lost 2 points for foot faulting.

She brought the points to 20 all coming from behind. This little girl has so much courage. Unfortunately her last point went out and she lost.

Silvi also lost her singles after playing a tough opponent.

Jaz and Edmund are now playing the no. 2 seeds of the competition. I do not know whether they know that. This should be interesting. They lost the 1st set as too many mistakes were made. The 2nd set was better but at half time they were still 11-9 down. They were playing much better . They were playing point by point but lost at 22-20.

Tyz and Titus are not having much luck in their doubles. They lost the 1st game but came back strongly for the 2nd game. However, they could not get past 21-17.

Phing and Jaz have progressed to the next stage of their mixed doubles.

Edmund and Silvi have also progressed.

Tyz and Olivia are out of the mixed doubles.

After the game, we treated the ACT Combined and NT team to a BBQ at our caravan site. They really enjoyed themselves especially the kids.

Tommorow will be another day of hard playing. Got to sleep now.

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