Saturday, September 25, 2010

The team leaves for Shepparton Vic

Yes, the day finally arrived for the excited children. The team met at the Perth Domestic Airport. All parents were there with the kids from 10 pm. Everyone was ready for the big flight.

There were some tears as some of the kids were not accompanied by their parents and had to say goodbye.

Luckily for my boys, the whole family left for Melborune.

Here are some photos of the players and their families at the airport.

Phing Teo and Susanna

Olivia and Andik Fianta

Alexandra with dad Quang , mum Lee and sis Victoria.(also a State player).

Titus with dad John and mum Irene

Edmund with mum Verona, dad Daniel and brother Benedict (also a State player).

The Tans, Jaz, Tyz, Annie and myself.

Silvi with dad John and mum Irma.

Phing, the captain, having a nap upon arrival in Melbourne. She is conserving her energy so that she can lead the team attack.

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