Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Western Australian Under 15 State Badminton Team

Badmintion is one of the fastest racket sport in the world.

It is fast even if you are under 15 years of age.

It is even faster if you are under 15 years of age and representing Western Australia.

The following players form the State Under 15 Badminton Squad:

13 years old Phing Teo who is the captain.

14 years old Edmund Xu. 13 years old Silvi Botha. 12 years old Alexandra Phan and 12 years old Olivia Fianita.

There is also 13 year old Titus Tan and  12 yrs old Edward Fan.

My son Jazton Tan, age 14 and my other son, 12 years old Tyzton Tan form the rest of the squad.

The team has been training hard for the National Competition since March 2010.

Their training regime is tough by any standards.

The coach for the team is Kim Rogers. Manager of the team is Irma Botha.

The National Competition is to take place at Shepparton , Victoria from 27 September 2010 till 1st October 2010. All the children have been training hard for this exciting competition. The training for the competition includes taking part in competitions against adults.

The team has fared very well even in the adult competitions. They recently took part in the Senior State Championship and the Silver Cup Competition.

It is quite gratifying to see these little boys and girls beating the adult in competitions.

The Team at the Wa State championship.

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