Thursday, October 2, 2014

The individual championship

Dear readers

The players have been battling hard in their individual events.

Some have done better than others. All are having a great time from the photos I have seen.

Boys Singles:

Kai Chen had to withdraw because of injury. Tough luck to the young boy.

Jason Lee was sent to the plate where he finally lost in the finals to Jason Obial.

Milain progressed to the 2nd round but was despatched by Felix Wang in 2 sets.

Sun Yee progressed to the quarters before losing to Janson Trinh also in 2 sets. Sun Yee will be ranked.

Rupert Kang and Will Klein were also sent to the plate event.  Rupert lost to the eventual plate winner Justin Obial.


Girls Singles

Bella is now playing in her first finals after beating No. 1 seed Jodee Vega in 3 sets.

Erin was beaten by Jodee in the 2nd round.

Katie was also sent to the plate where she lost in the 3rd round.

Gerimay fought all the way to the quarters before losing to Victoria He. Geri May will be ranked too.

Louise went to the 2nd round before being despatched by Amy Yong.

Mixed doubles

Milain and Louise got through to the 2nd round but could not progress further.

Sun Yee and Rebekah Thomas went to the plate before losing the 2nd round.

Jason Lee and Katie also could not get past the 2nd round. Likewise Will and Erin also went to the plate but could not progress further.

KC and Bella fought all the way to the semis before losing to Gerimay and Felix Wang of Vic.

Geri May and Felix will face Janson Trinh and Amy Young tomorrow for the finals.


Boys Double

Rupert partnered with Steven Yin of SA. They lost to Milain and Sun Yee in the first round. Milain and Sun Yee lost in 3 sets to Arrick and Nalzaro in the 2nd round.

Will partnered Gardner from TAS and were sent to the plate.
Jason and KC lost to Charlie Yap and Jason Trinh in the 2nd round. All our boys are out of the doubles.


Girls Double

Katie and Lisa of ACT went to the plate.

Erin and Carmen Lim of Vic went to the 2nd round but were beaten by Aniceto and Virvong.

Louise and Valley of Tas also went to the 2nd set before losing to Bella and Gerimay.

Bella and Gerimay are in the finals and they will meet Vic He and Jodee Vega who are seeded 1.

All the boys are now out of the competition. They have tried their best I am sure and will have learnt lots.

Only Bella and Geri May remain fighting for individual gold.

Good work girls and good luck.

To Erin, Louise and Katie, I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves and learned lots from the comp. Carry that experience to your next comp and good luck.

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