Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Presidents Cup 2013

Dear readers

I am having a quick dinner at Langford where the team will be facing the President`s  Team for the 2nd Under 15`s President`s Cup.

It will be interesting to see who President Judy has invited to represent the President`s team.

Tyz is playing for the President`s team together with Julia Nichols. Kai Jieh Teoh will also be in the President`s team. Matthew Teo has also been invited to form the boy's team.

I do not know who will play for the girls.

I did not manage to get my dinner delivered in time and had to get to the courts without dinner.

At arrival, the President had already commenced the introduction of the teams.

Jasper's twin sisters Jasmin and Janice were invited to the girl's team. I cannot tell the twins apart. They are both 12 years of age and have great potential.

President Judy addressing the State team and the President's team.

I met Sue , who is Louise's mum. She has been driving Louise to the team training every Wednesday from Bunbury. I just found out that sometimes, if they are too tired to drive the 2 hrs trip back to Bunbury after the Wednesday night training, they stay over at a relative's home and make the Bunbury trip at 5 am the next morning so as to get Louise to school on time.

What dedication for the team. I had to drive to Bunbury last Monday for a court hearing and had to drive back the same day. It was a long drive and I cannot see myself doing it again.

The Bradfords

The Teohs challenging each other. Younger brother got the better of big brother this time. Big brother will bounce back I am sure.

Matthew against Jasper. They had a close 3 sets before Jasper triumphed

Kay Terry, Former Australian Champ and MBE helping with the umpiring
The President's Cup which was donated by President Judy

Louise against one of the twins.

Xiang against Tyz. They had a close 3 setter with Xiang coming out the winner

The Nicols sisters. Elder sister managed to win after a close 3 setter.
Daphne and Louise vs the Tan twins. Kay umpired and had to identify the twins through the colour of their socks as they look so alike. The twins did not manage to win but gained great experience for their future badminton journey.

Coach Eric debriefing Jasper and Kai Chen after their close 3 set win against Matt and Kai Jieh.

Kai Jieh and Matt vs Jasper and Kai Chen
Julia and Jasmin v Daphne and Geri May. The WA team again won in 2 strong sets.
Tyz and Janice v Xiang and Louise. The WA team managed a close 2 set win.
Kelly, the High Performance Manager and International Umpire keeping a close eye on service faults.
Tyz and Kai Jieh avenging their singles loss by beating Kai Chen and Xiang in 3 sets.
Judy presenting the cup to the State team after their resounding victory
Xiang, the newly elected captain receiving the President's Cup

The triumphant State team for the Presidents Cup

The state and president's team
Virginia, Daphne's mum persuaded me to get the players to get a picture of themselves holding the President's Cup as a memento as they do not actually get to keep the trophy. It was a great idea. Perhaps President Judy can consider mini trophies for the winners the next time.

I managed to get some family photos for the players. Family photos are great reminders of how much support the players get from their family. Jasper's dad was just discussing with me the twin sisters strong interest to also get into the WA state team after seeing how big brother Jasper has done so well in his badminton journey. We discussed what a great journey it will be for the players and also how costly it is for the families. Well, there is always fundraising that can be done.

The Teohs. 2 sons already in the state team with daughter yearning to represent WA too.

Geri May and Julia with mum. Mum has a few more children that may make it to the team
The Tans and 2 aspiring daughters

The next time the team meets will be at the Silver Cup tournament. We wish them good luck. Night.

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