Monday, September 12, 2011

The 2011 Under 15 WA State Badminton team

2011 Badminton WA State Under 15s team
being presented at the Silver Cup Tournament on 11 Sept 2011

Dear readers,

Yes, it has started again. Preparations are taking place for the next Under 15 Australian Badminton Championship.

This year it is taking place in Perth, WA.

Well, when I say preparations have started, I lie as in fact nomination's were submitted in August 2011. My son Tyzton Tan was selected and that is why I am on this merry go round again.

The team members for WA are:

1.   Amos Yi

2.   Ying Xiang Ling

3.  Dennis Zhao

4. Tyzton Tan.

5. Phing Teo

6. Eunice Lee

7. Olivia Fianita

8. Silvi Botha.

All the team members have been training hard under coach Zhang Ai Ling from China. In 1978 Zhang won the rival "world championship" that was run by the short-lived World Badminton Federation prior to China's entry into the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation). She was also the dominant international singles player right after China joined the IBF in 1981, winning the multi-sport World Games in 1981, the Asian Games in 1982, and the prestigious All-England Championships in both 1982 and 1983, as well as a host of other significant titles.

The team is also assisted by Chen Changjie.
Chen Changjie is a former badminton player from China who rated among the world's leading singles players for a short period of time after China joined the International Badminton Federation (now Badminton World Federation) in 1981. The powerful Changjie won the first major IBF sanctioned event in which China participated, the 1981 World Games in Santa Clara, California by beating Prakash Padukone and Morten Frost successively in the semifinal and final rounds. He helped China to win the 1982 Thomas Cup (world men's team championship) by winning three of his four matches in the last two rounds against Denmark and Indonesia. In 1983 Changjie won the Asian Championships in a grueling duel with Indonesia's Eddy Kurniawan .

So we know the children are in good hands.

On top of the State Training, the parents have asked the children's personal coaches to assist as much as possible. Tyzton's personal coach is Paul Kong from Malaysia. Paul represented Australia at the 1986 Commonwealth Games and is well known as a coach with his heart in serving the badminton gods.

Tyzton also trains twice a week with Nick Kidd at All Saints College at Nick's Group training camp.  Nick is currently Australia's no. 1 Men's player as he just won the Australian Championship. Nick is also assisted by Himanshu Thacker who is Australia's No. 2 player as he just lost to Nick Kidd in the Australian Senior's championship held at Tasmania last month.

There is also 3 regional teams that will be competing in the Regionals Championship. Kim Rodgers and Himanshu have been training the Regional teams on their own time and should be thanked for their selfless contribution.

Stephen Teo is the manager this year and he has been doing a splendid job of organising all the organising that is needed for such a competition  :)

So, what is this merry go round I speak about?

My time is spent driving Tyzton and Jazton to training and their competitions. My older son Jazton at 15 years of age represented WA at the Under 19 Australian championship. The WA team got Bronze.

So, the pressure is on Tyzton to get a medal for the Under 15 team.

So much pressure that we place on our children.

Is it good pressure? Will it help them in their adult life? Are we doing the right thing by encouraging them to take part in these high pressure events?

The jury is still out but I think we are on the right track. What is the alternative? Video games and slacking off?

I thank all the coaches who have instilled their skills, their sportsmanship and their morals on their students. Without the coaches, the children will be lost.

Oh, by the way, my wife Annie was announced as the Umpire for the WA team. Annie and I decided to take the Umpire course after Annie experienced some unfair comments from a Victorian umpire at the last Under 15 championship. We both then decided that we needed to be Umpires so that our kids will not be disadvantaged.

So, we both took the Umpire course together with another 2 students. There was a 50% pass rate of the group. I managed to pass although I am still upset that Annie got higher marks than myself. I am still thinking of appealing the results.

Taking the umpire course has opened my eyes to the many facets of badminton. I am keeping my eyes on John Dewitt and his crocodile serve which is illegal.

I will keep everyone updated as often as possible. Good night.

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